So Now I’m the Proud Owner of 4 Coconut Trees…

A few more pics from our weekend in Chabihau. We stopped by our land to do some scouting, and ended up getting some coconuts from our palm trees. (Ok, Jorge and his cousin got them while I took pictures.)


Back at Jorge’s aunt’s house, my suegro was kind enough to grab his machete and chop open a hole in one of the coconuts so we could try some coconut water.


I was pretty proud because everyone was saying how our coconut water was some of the sweetest they’d ever had! I drank it straight this time, but Jorge’s uncles tell me it tastes great with ice and vodka. Duly noted.


My suegro was in the mood for some carne de coco (the inside part that you eat… not sure what it’s called in English), so he carved some out and ate it during the car ride back to Cancun.


Have you guys tried fresh coconut water before? 

27 thoughts on “So Now I’m the Proud Owner of 4 Coconut Trees…

    • Yeah, there are plenty of lots here and there for sale in Chabihau and other little towns along the Yucatan coast. They usually cost between $25,000 and $40,000 pesos ($2,000 – $3,000 dollars or something), unless you want to be on the beach.

    • Jaja usually about 10 meters by 30 meters. Lagoonfront costs the same, oceanfront can cost up to 10 times as much, I think, although the oceanfront lots are usually bigger.

  1. I love all of pictures, it’s seems like one of those book that when you read it transport you to the stories.
    So take care…and cheers from La Joya Cancun


  2. Just landed in cancun. Staying at the Gran Caribe. What are some of the not so expensive clubs to go to. I know coco bongos has a good show but spending 60-100 is a little steep. Where do you normally spend you and Jorge normally spend your nights at.

    • Coco Bongo is expensive, but it’s worth the money to go once in your lifetime πŸ™‚ If it’s really out of your budget, we usually go to Congo. It’s an open-air club and always has a great party atmosphere. If you’re in town during a foam party at The City, I recommend that, too!

      • Yea I’ve been before about 6 years ago and I figure it’s probably still the same show. I’ve heard of the city, I might have to check it out. We’re thinking of just strolling to the club zone and seeing what’s going on. I’m not much into hip hop and house, which I’m sure that’s what they mostly play. I’m more into merengue, bachata or reggaetton although I doubt many clubs play that around the tourist zone.

  3. Awesome. L’s parents have coconut trees on their property so we always get fresh ones there! You may have just convinced us to buy some land there, though! πŸ™‚

  4. Coconut trees…SUPER jealous! Congrats again on the land!

    I’ve definitely had coconut water before – it’s perfect for beachside activities. Sun = thirst, coco water = happiness! πŸ™‚

    PS – the white part of the coconut is generally called “coconut meat”. Some people feel that sounds funny so they’ll call it the flesh of the coconut. Doesn’t sound like there’s much diff between the 2 terms, but to each their own, right? Enjoy some coco for us readers!

  5. oh funny, we spent Saturday at Chabihau at a friends place. She wants to sell it cause she can’t get out there often enough. She’d love to live there full time but as a massage therapist she can’t get enough clients, sad, it’s a great little house, nice mirador, very cool and comfy.

    when do you think you’ll be building?

    • Too funny! Who knows? Maybe I saw you from a distance. Did you go to the karaoke night? haha

      We weren’t planning on building for a few more years, but we’ll see. πŸ™‚

      • no, we were only there for the day – our friends house is right on the main road and beside a beach access road. across the street is a little family place where we ate pescado frito and ceviche, as well as drank quite a few beers. the food was great! and I’m pretty sure that’s not the beer talking.

    • you’d have to send me your email, I would send it to my friend, and she could contact you directly.

      usted tendrΓ­a que enviarme un e-mail, que se lo envΓ­e a mi amiga, y ella pudo en contacto con usted directamente.

      debiinmerida at gmail

  6. Laura, what is the process for buying land? Do you have Mexican citizenship? Can you own the land together with Jorge without having a fideicomiso, but own it outright instead? Foreigners have to buy land/property in a trust (fideicomiso) or a corporation if it is in a coastal or border area, but since your husband is Mexican is he the only name on the deed or can you be on it too?

    • Hi Joanne! To buy it in my name, yes we would have to use a fideicomiso because I am not a Mexican citizen. As it is, we have the land under Jorge’s name. I’m not sure what would happen if we put both names on it!

  7. just a little coconut trivia – the younger the coconut there is more liquid and less meat – the older the coconut there is less liquid and more meat.

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