Cancun Spring Break 2013: A Local’s View

This year, Jorge and I had decided that we wanted to check out the Spring Break 2013 atmosphere in Cancun. We’re 27 years old now (!!), so we figured we should go to Spring Break before we got too old and started to look creepy.

Turns out that wasn’t a problem.

We went on a Friday night and were surprised to see that Party Center was PACKED, but not with crazy 18-year-olds like we were expecting. Most of the people we saw in the street were about our age (mid-20s) and there were plenty of people in their 30s, 40s and up as well! (There were college kids, too, just not as many as we were expecting for Spring Break.)

It was also about 80% guys. That’s good news for the ladies, I guess.

Proof of all the guys


Even though it wasn’t a typical “Spring Break” crowd, it was still a cool atmosphere! And now we know that we’re free to go back to party no matter what our age.

We spent the night at Mandala, which I’d never been to before. Soooo many people! I didn’t have the best time mainly because of the music. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE techno music with a burning passion. Unfortunately, clubs have started playing almost entirely techno songs over the past few years. I just can’t have fun with techno music playing. Had to fake it most of the night before they finally played a few hip hop and pop songs around 2 am.

Musical preferences aside, Mandala was still a pretty cool club.

And just to show you what Party Center looks like during Spring Break, here are some street pics:


Have you been to Spring Break in Cancun?

14 thoughts on “Cancun Spring Break 2013: A Local’s View

  1. I am going on a cruise to Cozumel and taking the ferry to Playa, what’s the best way to go to Tulum? Some say ADO and some say take a pasajera/van from Playa to Tulum?

    • Either one works! I like ADO, personally. The ADO station is just 2 blocks from the ferry dock in Playa. They should have cheap buses (less than $50 pesos) straight to the ruins and to downtown Tulum. It might be a few pesos more expensive than the vans, but it’s easier to find and a little more comfortable.

  2. Was this your first Spring Break in Cancun?!!?

    The annoying 18 year olds come closer to Easter– when they have High School break. College breaks start first week of March and go through to April so usually it is an older crowd! I’ve been both on several High School breaks and College breaks– and it’s a completely different atmosphere. I have never been to Mandala though, when buying the wrist band packages, it was always known as more of a ‘local’ bar.. Always went to The City, CocoBongo, Dady O’s, Bulldogs and Booze Cruise.

    Glad those days are behind me though. lol. Hoep you had fun!

    • It was my 2nd (lived here for 8 years but always avoided Spring Break in the past)

      Mandala usually is more of a locals club around here, but that was NOT the case when we went! Pretty sure we were the only locals there haha

  3. Spring Break in Cancun is WILD .. I could sure write a book on some of the things I’ve seen in the past years.

  4. Ah yes, does this bring me back to Spring Break in Cancun!! I think I have been to Cancun 4 or 5 times but I’ve been all over Mexico on a total of 20 or so trips. Love it!

  5. Looks like you guys had a great time! My parents actually live in Puerto Juarez, so I’ve visited Cancun a couple times and cannot wait to go back again!

    I really enjoy reading your blog!

  6. I was there (Cancun 2013) at the same time as well mid march for
    2 weeks. My buddy from college lives over seas so this was our
    2nd time meeting there to hang out during spring break and we are
    in our late 20’s (27&28) We had a BALL! We never got a chance to spring
    break when we were in school (too broke) and last year we were worried
    about the “Creeper” stuff but cancun is soooooooo not like that…there aren’t
    many 18/19 year olds at all average age is around early to mid 20’s (and that goes
    up with the guys) Ya know Ageism is the new Racism. ya know when someone should
    stop going to spring break? WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT! like, (with in the confines of the law)
    if you want to do it!! then do it! life is short! often time the people in your
    social circle telling you not to go or do XYZ have either never done it themselves.
    or they are not in the position you are in in your life, So it’s actually silly on
    your part to ask you buddy who’s married with kids how you as a non-married no kids
    guy/girl should fill your social time…(they don’t get it) just like it would be silly
    for them to ask you marriage advice…
    if you want to buy a damn trampoline! then buy a trampoline! if you’d like to go down
    the slides! at Wet N Wild then go down the damn slide! Next time I’m at a
    amusmement park and a 22 year old is in front of me
    I guess I should get out of line as I can only enjoy life with my peers right?
    (think about that) Its Ageism at it’s finest. if your little cousin has a bouncy
    house at their 5th birthday party and you’d like to get in it, then get in!!
    my other two buds were deployed in Iraq, we had been trying to go on spring break for years…
    but by the time…they were able to go, one was hesitant because he was older now…
    we went anyway (the first time) and HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES! (he was 29 at the time)
    he was killed 4 months later in service, and we will never!! forget those nights at mandala or
    the city and we will think about him from now on whenever we go. Some of our friends were like
    we’re older lets do vegas! (cool place but CRAZY! expensive!)
    the budget for a 4 day vegas trip is the budget for a 2 week!! cancun spring break trip..
    you do that math! that was a easy one for us….
    my other buddy meet a girl down there (24) they’ve been together every since, and are engaged
    and expecting! (not that I suggest anyone go there looking for that) just making a point.
    The next time a peer ask you “are you too old for spring break” you turn and ask them,
    “Are you too old to show up at a event with some smoking hot 23 year educated outgoing girl?
    answer will be NO!
    Ask your friend if he /she were single and they meet some one they really liked that was
    attractive, fun, smart and 5 to 8 years younger than them would they say GET AWAY FROM ME!
    if they say yes they are lying….
    again it’s all subconscious ageism, We jet skied, (guess we are too old for that) we
    4 wheeled (guess we are too old for that) we went to pool bar, guess we are too old for that,
    we went to the bar, and meet 22 to 27 year old girls…guess we are too old for that too.
    i mean again….I can’t reiterate “DO YOU” enough. If your friends want to sit in the house
    and watch tv during time off from work/school then they should do that! cool, and if you don’t then
    do what you want to do! because tomorrow isn’t promised..and when you are sitting around regretting..
    what you wish you had did, the friends that convinced you to not do what you wanted won’t be around
    to comfort you…..
    See you in Cancun! next year beoothes!

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