Kites, Clouds and Empanadas in PM

Jorge was in Merida all weekend (getting the papers signed for our land in Chabihau), so I found myself with nothing to do on Sunday afternoon. I texted my friend Viri, who said she was planning on going to Puerto Morelos for some beach time and late lunch. Count me in!

Table, chairs and umbrella for $100 pesos! Plus our cooler full of stuff from Oxxo


The weather was stunning when we got to the beach…

Divers and a cooler... typical Puerto Morelos behavior


But as soon as we sat down, the clouds covered the entire sky and didn’t move for the rest of the day.  It was still beautiful, though!


We saw a few families out flying their kites, too! Wish I knew how to do this


After the beach, we went to this little place…


…for some of these!


Overall a great day, even with the chilly weather and looming clouds. Puerto Morelos isn’t my favorite beach in the area (I tend to prefer less kids and less people), but it really is gorgeous and tons of fun!

Have you been to the beach at Puerto Morelos? What did you think?



9 thoughts on “Kites, Clouds and Empanadas in PM

  1. I love PM! I think its such a cute beach town, but not my favourite in the area. I prefer Playa, but nothing beats the beaches of Cancun.

  2. Aw it looks beautiful! You’re so lucky you can still sit by the beach this time of year… its warm in Malta but so windy we’d be blinded by sand ggrr! xx

  3. Puerto Morelos is one of my wife and mines favorite towns to visit. We have not been there for a longtime, I think the last time was in 2004 and I am sure a lot has changed. When we were there last we went to a small resort (I can’t remember them name)to go diving, what was pretty cool is that Jimmy Buffet was staying at the same resort.

  4. Got to Isla Mujeres yesterday and we’re still waiting for the Sun to break through. Do you have any favorite restaurants there?

    • We love Jax! It’s right at the end of the main road in downtown, by the entrance to Playa Norte. (You’ll see a big black statue in front of it.) It has a little bit of everything, but we love their burgers. They also have a nice terrace with ocean views. If you want fresh seafood or traditional Mexican food, I can’t help you hahaha

  5. I love Puerto Morelos! If we were to move that would be our destination. Laid-back, but close to Cancun & Playa.

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