Mexican Safety

Mexico is not known for its safety procedures. I’ve seen numerous construction workers with no helmets, carseats are almost unheard of, and 99% of taxis have no seatbelts in the back seat. I can’t say this is a bad thing because there don’t seem to be more accident-related deaths in Mexico than in the States.

Still, one Mexican safety practice that always makes me laugh a little is the Coke bottle cover-up. Anytime you see rebar sticking out of a not-completed house (or sometimes a completed house!), it will probably have Coke bottles stuck on it to prevent injury.

I saw this beauty on the street the other day:

Coca-Cola… saving lives, one piece of broken metal at a time.

3 thoughts on “Mexican Safety

  1. the coke bottle is interesting but a real sad thing is how many do not use leashes and their little darlings get squashed..please tell the owners , I do,.. that they should use a leash on the dogs because wild dogs larger and sometimes cruel run and grab little dogs or fight bigger dogs and kill them hurt them so sad..they can prevent this with a leash on their animals..also every now and again a fighting pit bull dog gets loose.they are so wild they pop tires of cars on the highway..they say the police in Cumbres area of cancun and BONFIL those doga near huayacan hi way they fight behind closed walls in BONFIL ..those dogs are as a lion in the wild…you cannot walk at nite in Bonfil it is not safe and other places these wild pitbulls get loose..the puppies run in the street on politechnico..just one word to the owners for leashes and they would save countless baby and adult dogs…

  2. This post makes me laugh! We just had a 220 plug wired in so if/when the power goes out we can plug our generator in and power the pump for our well…..and the electrician covered the end of it up with a coke bottle!!!!!!!! Gotta love Mexico.

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