Plaza La Isla Sunset

At Plaza La Isla in the Cancun Hotel Zone, every evening you can see a small crowd of people taking pictures of the sunset over the lagoon. This weekend, I was one of those would-be photographers.

Several of them look much the same, but I loved how the colors changed every 5 minutes or so.

7 thoughts on “Plaza La Isla Sunset

    • Hey Pau! Most of them I just added a little contrast.

      The second-to-last one I increased the color saturation *a little* because I had to darken the picture (it photographed brighter than real life) and some of the original color was lost.

      This is pretty much what I saw 🙂 I don’t like to edit my photos too much.

  1. The pictures are beautiful! I can’t believe how deeply orange the sunset is! You’re right, they do change in just a matter of minutes, I find I have to keep snapping continuously until the Sun has gone. if I put my camera away, suddenly a gorgeous new colour will shine through!

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