Pelicans on Vacation

Little known fact about me: I am obsessed with pelicans.

I’m not exactly sure why… I think it’s because they love the beach as much as I do, they have a huge wingspan and they do some pretty cool dives.

Imagine my joy this past weekend when Jorge and I came across some pelicans on the beach in Cancun. They even stopped to pose for me! Check out our photo shoot:

More beach pics to come later this week!

9 thoughts on “Pelicans on Vacation

  1. Those are wonderful pictures, espeacially the last one with the foot prints in the sand. Getting to know yolur camera reall well.

  2. I love pelicans too! Have you ever noticed that the pelicans in Mexico fly differently than the ones in Florida or on the Atlantic coast? When I am on the other beaches I always see the pelicans flying in “formation” … usually in a line along the shoreline. In Mexico I usually only see them flying “solo”. When we are on Isla I go to the fishermen’s beach every morning to visit with them. I could watch them for hours! Thanks for the pics!!

  3. When we lived in Panama, we lived on the 15th floor rights by the beach. Pelicans used to fly by us all the time, and I would get so excited. It’s fascinating just watching them soar through the sky!

  4. Wow they are huge! There isn’t a huge amount of wildlife in Malta, thousands of wall lizards but thats about it! The pelicans are just amazing!

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