How to Speak Like a Mexican: Bocado

As I watched my suegro eat some relleno negro for lunch one day, I pointed out that he was using his tortilla as a utensil. He would tear off a piece of tortilla, fold it into a U-shape, then push the relleno negro onto the tortilla with a spoon to create the perfect bite.

Using tortilla bits as utensils is popular throughout Mexico, but my suegro taught me that the Yucatan has a special word for this tradition: un bocado, literally meaning “a bite”, is the process of using your tortilla in place of a fork or spoon.

I’m not sure if the phrase is used the same way in other parts of Mexico, but I think it’s a great way to cut down on dishes.

Relleno negro before "el bocado"

Relleno negro with "el bocado"

3 thoughts on “How to Speak Like a Mexican: Bocado

  1. The word bocado is used in Sonora. Sometimes if I go to my grandmas house she might ask “Quieres un bocado?” meaning “do you want something to eat?” it’s not very common that young people use it.

    And of course since we are in Sonora we use tortillas de harina, SO GOOD!


  2. We do that with our tortillas in Jalisco also. I tryed relleno negro last time I was in Merida and found it a little bland. Have you ever tryed Mole Ranchero?

  3. I dont know what they call it here in Salamanca,GTO, but my husband Miguel eats with a tortilla all the time and doesnt even use the spoon.This after 25 years on ´the other side as they say!
    By the way,I love your blog and follow it regularly.Ive been here in Salamanca for 2 mts with my husband and love mexico!

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