Gettin’ My “Spa” On

My mom has dozens of vintage mason jars on her bathroom shelves, which she uses to hold toiletries like q-tips, cotton balls, nail files, etc etc etc. I fell in love with them, and she told me I was welcome to take a few back to Mexico after Christmas.

Offer accepted!

I also just happen to have a huge bag filled with seashells from Chabihau that I’ve been trying to use up… perfect. 🙂 (Side note: If anyone in Cancun needs seashells, I can hook you up. I have hundreds.)

I put 2 mason jars on top of the toilet tank, and another on the shelves by the sink in my bathroom, which is feeling more spa-like every day!

Thanks to my mom for the mason jars and to my mother-in-law for the shells!

10 thoughts on “Gettin’ My “Spa” On

  1. Very pretty. I love those kind of jars too! Now, if you can just find a way to get a bathtub in a Mexican bathroom then you would be set!

  2. This cute jars give a very nice touch to your bathroom! This shells looks so pretty, they are nicer then the once we have in Kino Bay.


    • I hadn’t heard that! Even so, I’m the kind of “daredevil” that has shells in her bathroom AND sets her purse on the floor. I’m not too worried hahaha

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