Hot Chocolate and a Plastic Baby Jesus!

Our weekend trip to visit Jorge’s family in the village of Chabihau was just what I needed! Tomorrow I’ll tell ya’ll about my bad Saturday morning of culture shock as we tried to get there via public transportation, but today I want to focus on the Rosca de Reyes tradition.

January 6 is Dia de Reyes (3 Kings Day) in Latin America, where the 3 Wise Men visit children and bring them gifts. However, Mexican adults can also join in on the traditions by cutting the Rosca de Reyes cake. Each of these oval-shaped cakes has 3 tiny plastic baby Jesus figurines baked inside. The people who cut a piece with a baby Jesus have to pay for tamales for everybody on February 2, Dia de la Candelaria, another holiday. It’s like 2 parties in 1!

Here we are with Jorge’s father’s family, cutting our Rosca de Reyes accompanied by some traditional hot chocolate.

Jorge peering in to see a baby Jesus figurine

Jorge's dad got the baby Jesus, too!

It was bad luck for our family because Jorge, his dad and I all got baby Jesuses (sp???) in our pieces of rosca, so we’ll have to chip in for the tamales in February!

The kids had some leftover sparklers from New Years Eve celebrations, so the little girls all headed out to the street after the rosca cutting to play. (I love how in Mexico, 5-year-olds can play with sparklers and fun snaps with little to zero adult supervision.)

Did any of you get a plastic baby Jesus this weekend? Or maybe play with fireworks unsupervised?



9 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate and a Plastic Baby Jesus!

  1. I like this story, actually my cousins did play with fireworks but we where there making sure they where safe.

    I believe Día de la Candelaria is February 2nd. 🙂 I also have to pay for tamales.

    Saludos amiga.

  2. One of my life’s wishes is to spend Epiphany in Mexico. Thank you for sharing your photos of the celebration. I just love your family photos with your Mexican relatives. Family is such a huge part of life there!

  3. I’m catching up in reading your blog. I’ve been sick (flu & cold) miserable holiday for me, but all is well now. Glad you had a good time visiting your fam in the US. Your pics are great. I love the beach pics with the new camera! Happy New Year to you and Jorge.

  4. I got the monito! Actually our rosca somehow had 6 monitos so 6 out of 8 adults in our family got them! It really doesn’t matter, because we always all cook for dia de la candelaria.

  5. Hello Laura, I just came across your blog through…I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon you but I am glad I did. I find it quite interesting how you share your life experiences at your “new home” and your “past life” in the States.

    Just wanted to say congrats on your great blog and I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

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