De-Stressing on the Beaches of Cancun

The month of January was pretty rough on me. Life was great, but I had tons of extra work at my office job, plus my usual freelance blogging work. I was working a lot at home after office hours, and I was tired.

Just last week, Jorge started teaching high school math for the first time. (YAY!) He loves giving classes, but writing up his lesson plans took up many, many hours of his time.

To escape the stress of Monday through Friday, we decided to spend Saturday goofing around. One of my favorite things about living in Cancun is that on any given weekend, I can just let loose, escape and pretend like I’m a tourist. We spent most of the afternoon at Delfines Beach (where I took my pelican photos), which has the brightest blue water in all of Cancun, even if the waves are a little rough. There were parasailers on the ocean, kids flying kites on the beach… it’s as if the beach knew I wanted to take pictures of it!

*Note: I didn’t edit the colors of the ocean. That’s God’s artwork, not mine!*

The best photo of the day goes to this one of Jorge.

Hottest math teacher ever.

Plaza La Isla Sunset

At Plaza La Isla in the Cancun Hotel Zone, every evening you can see a small crowd of people taking pictures of the sunset over the lagoon. This weekend, I was one of those would-be photographers.

Several of them look much the same, but I loved how the colors changed every 5 minutes or so.

Pelicans on Vacation

Little known fact about me: I am obsessed with pelicans.

I’m not exactly sure why… I think it’s because they love the beach as much as I do, they have a huge wingspan and they do some pretty cool dives.

Imagine my joy this past weekend when Jorge and I came across some pelicans on the beach in Cancun. They even stopped to pose for me! Check out our photo shoot:

More beach pics to come later this week!

How to Start a Grill in Mexico

Sunday afternoon, Jorge and I hung out with our friends Missey (an American) and Miguel (a Mexican). Missey and I have both been living in Cancun for several years, and she taught me a few “only in Mexico” tricks for lunch.

Missey using a water jug to mix margaritas

Miguel stoking the fire with a hairdryer

Mexico: always an adventure!

How do you mix your margaritas?

How to Speak Like a Mexican: Bocado

As I watched my suegro eat some relleno negro for lunch one day, I pointed out that he was using his tortilla as a utensil. He would tear off a piece of tortilla, fold it into a U-shape, then push the relleno negro onto the tortilla with a spoon to create the perfect bite.

Using tortilla bits as utensils is popular throughout Mexico, but my suegro taught me that the Yucatan has a special word for this tradition: un bocado, literally meaning “a bite”, is the process of using your tortilla in place of a fork or spoon.

I’m not sure if the phrase is used the same way in other parts of Mexico, but I think it’s a great way to cut down on dishes.

Relleno negro before "el bocado"

Relleno negro with "el bocado"

Gettin’ My “Spa” On

My mom has dozens of vintage mason jars on her bathroom shelves, which she uses to hold toiletries like q-tips, cotton balls, nail files, etc etc etc. I fell in love with them, and she told me I was welcome to take a few back to Mexico after Christmas.

Offer accepted!

I also just happen to have a huge bag filled with seashells from Chabihau that I’ve been trying to use up… perfect. 🙂 (Side note: If anyone in Cancun needs seashells, I can hook you up. I have hundreds.)

I put 2 mason jars on top of the toilet tank, and another on the shelves by the sink in my bathroom, which is feeling more spa-like every day!

Thanks to my mom for the mason jars and to my mother-in-law for the shells!

Pool Party at the BPM Festival

Earlier in the week, my Brazilian friend Nadia and I had made plans to go to the BPM Festival on Saturday. She’d been the week before and loved it, so it was my turn to experience the excitement.

The BPM Festival was a week-long event with DJs performing at beach clubs and nightclubs every day. We went to Kool Beach Club to see DJs Sharam, Tini Tun and Sander Kleinenberg. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of electronic music, but the atmosphere was killer.

On our drive down to Playa del Carmen, we stopped to pick up another American and another Brazilian, an international group!

We had lunch first (some very expensive but very delicious sushi, ceviche and salads), then made our way to the pool area where the DJ and bar were set up. We met lots of people from all over the world (Germany, Chicago, Israel and tons of Mexican cities) and spent the evening just walking around and hanging out.

Our group of girls (plus some guy whose friend took the picture for us)

 Ok, what was the last concert you went to?