Another Wedding in Merida

Check out the other parts of our weekend in Merida:

Breakfast in the Santa Ana market

A Walk through Merida Centro

Looking Up at Paseo de Montejo’s Mansions

Sunday Morning Coffee on Paseo de Montejo


The main purpose of our recent trip to Merida was for the wedding of our friends Raul and Andrea. They were married at Santa Lucia church in Merida’s Centro, and the reception was at the Fiesta Americana Merida. Sorry I don’t have more pics, but we were pretty busy eating and dancing!

Rest assured that the reception had all the traditions of a Mexican wedding… the single ladies snake train, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, throwing the groom in the air and taking all the groom’s clothes off in the men’s room (Not kidding. I have to write a special blog post on that one!)

Another important Mexican tradition is the “recalentado” (roughly translating to “the reheating”, like you’re getting the party fired up again), which is a party you throw the afternoon AFTER a big party. Usually it’s a casual affair with some beers and tacos. Andrea and Raul’s “recalentado” had two comedians, salsa dancing and two cakes. Lots of fun!

Have you ever been to a Mexican wedding?

7 thoughts on “Another Wedding in Merida

  1. Beautiful! I’ve never gotten to attend a Mexican wedding, but maybe I can befriend an engaged couple so I can. Looks fantastic and love the recalentado idea!

  2. I would love to read a post about differences and similarities between Mexican and US tradtional weddings. I’ve only been to two weddings in Mexico. Both were expats marrying expats. I’ve never been to a tradtional Mexican wedding.

    • There are LOTS of similarities and differences! Overall I’d say they’re very similar in style, but the Mexican weddings have a few extra traditions and activities (and they’re FUN). I keep meaning to do a post on it, but it’s hard to get pictures of all the traditions. Next wedding, I promise!

  3. I’ve been a wedding crasher twice in Mexico! Once in Cancun and once in Merida. Just happened to walk in the church, but they never invited us to the reception! (wonder why 🙂

  4. Yes! We went to a wedding in Merida last December. It was so much fun. It was at a hacienda and there were close to 500 people at the wedding. There were 3 different bands, stilt walkers handing out favors on the dance floor, the usual flip flops for all the ladies, the men getting the tequila poured down their throats….it was great. When we left at 4am things were still going strong…..

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