A Walk through Merida Centro

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Breakfast in the Santa Ana market

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Sunday Morning Coffee on Paseo de Montejo


After Saturday’s breakfast, Jorge and I walked from Santa Ana park to the Plaza Grande: Merida’s main square in the “centro” area. The walk took a good half hour or so, but it was cool to see the historic buildings, hotels, churches and restaurants along the way. Sorry about the grayness of the pictures. It was an overcast morning!

Once we got to the Plaza Grande, we immediately ran into one of Jorge’s cousins (seriously, we can’t go anywhere without seeing someone he knows), then stopped by the immense cathedral to take some pictures. Sadly the cathedral was closed, but I like the outside better, anyway.

The next hour was spent sitting on a bench in the Plaza Grande and doing some people-watching. I’m always amazed at how many people show up to the town plazas in the Yucatan Peninsula just to hang out. In suburban USA, we never go anywhere unless there’s food, alcohol, movies or shopping involved. Big difference.

Is there a popular hangout in your city? Maybe a park or plaza?


8 thoughts on “A Walk through Merida Centro

  1. A truly beautiful city to visit. The hotels are so nice and clean and all the sights are so colorful. We were there in January and had such a wonderful time. Nice to see these places again in your photos. Thanks

  2. Interesting that Chris made that connection! Apparently Merida and New Orleans are sister cities! I remember reading a brief article about this on Yucatan Living but couldn’t find it just now.

    During my first trip to Mexico with my college, we stayed in Merida for a few months. Being broke and disoriented, I spent a lot of time sitting in that plaza.

  3. It always amazes me too how many people hang out outdoors in the parks and plazas, it’s one of my favorite things about Mexico. I’m dying to get back to Merida one of these days. πŸ™‚

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