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Last time I posted a weight loss update, I had gained half a pound from all my diet cheating. I was getting very frustrated with myself, but even more determined.

Last week, I had another weigh-in with my nutritionist. After 3 weeks of being good on my diet and lots of extra exercise, I was thrilled to finally lose 2 more pounds! It doesn’t sound like a lot, but 2 pounds is quite good when you’re so close to the end.

Only 2 pounds remain to reach my goal weight. Right now I’m at 130 pounds, and I’m aiming for 128 to have a healthy percent body fat of 24%.

I have a horrible cycle of behaving well for 2 weeks, losing weight, then behaving badly for 2 weeks and staying the same, then repeat. Since I behaved amazingly well before my last weigh-in, the current challenge is to break the cycle and follow my diet this time as well. Last week was very iffy with some cheating, but this week has started off amazingly since I’m so determined to finish this already!

I’ve been running/walking 4 – 6 km a few mornings a week, plus I’ve switched to free weights at the gym just to mix things up a bit. My cardio workouts at the gym have also been extended from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. I’m feeling great with all this extra exercise, and it’s fun, too.

Here are my before and after shots for today:

Before - 160 pounds

After - 130 pounds

After - 130 pounds

I love these pics because my legs are beginning to show a bit of muscle tone. I’ve never had muscle tone anywhere in my life! You can see that I have a bit of tummy to get rid of still, but that will happen with time.

Once I lose 2 more pounds of fat, my plan is to stop worrying about the weight and to focus more on toning up and getting healthier at the gym (combined with my maintenance diet, of course).


As I’ve mentioned before, please keep in mind that 128 pounds is my goal weight. It won’t be the ideal weight for everybody… some of you might by healthier at 110 pounds. Others might be healthier at 180 pounds. If you want to lose weight and/or get healthy, I recommend seeing a nutritionist to find out what path is best for you.

9 thoughts on “Weight Loss Before and After: Part 7

  1. Well done, Laura. You look very athletic in your after pics. I know what you mean about behaving well and then cheating. I do the same thing. It’s so hard to stay faithful to healthy eating with all the temptation around. Just remember to keep being active, and weights are excellents for toning and shaping in addition to your cardio conditioning.

  2. Hola Laura!

    totally proud of you!! and it has definitely inspired me many times. you look super guapa and healthy and happy. una cosa… you mention your nutritionist and the diet they have designed for you, but you have not gone into a lot of detail, what kind of things have you learned from the eating side of it, and the regimen for nutrition? I know that it is all very personal, and what works for you might not be prescribed for another, but just curious if you could share a posting on what changes you’ve made and what the “maintenance” plan is. I’ve gotten down to about 58-60kgs a few times, but its hard to maintain, I can easily maintain 64kgs, but MUCH MUCH prefer 60…

    Anyway, keep up the good work and I love love love that you put the disclaimer at the bottom about size and beauty. You rock chiquita.

    • Gracias amiga! I have another weigh-in tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be at my goal weight by then. I will go into detail on the diet for my last weight loss update 🙂

  3. You are looking amazing! Even with the odd naughty period, I am in awe! I have zero self control, I’ve been lucky so far but I’m sure one day I’ll hve to be more careful and I know I’ll struggle. Good luck! xx

  4. Hi, Laura! I literally love how honest you’re being with yourself about this; for me, that’s the best part, not to mention how great you’re looking!

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