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Last but certainly not least is the part of our little Cancun rental house that won me over from the beginning… the outside. When I first saw the house, I fell in love with the climbing tree in the front yard. It’s still my favorite part of the entire place!

Let’s start off with the backyard, shall we?


We still love our new patio and the palm trees are growing nicely, although the grass we had seems to have been a failed endeavor.

The large fan palm is by far my favorite of our palms. I kinda wish I'd only used fan palms since it seems to do so, so well in our backyard.

The back of the house... a hot mess, but that doesn't bother me because we rarely have to look at it. The big duct tape X on the window is probably left over from Hurricane Wilma back in 2005. After Wilma, many Cancun houses still had duct tape Xs that wouldn't come off the windows. (They're put on there to keep the window from shattering in a hurricane)

Love the design in our patio! Dolly and Suki like it, too.

We FINALLY moved our orchid tree from the front planter to the backyard. The flowers and leaves immediately died off (we figured they would), but the branches are still green 3 weeks later, so I think my precious orchid tree is gonna make it! I've been watering it every evening.


Front Yard

(I use the word “yard” loosely)

View from the front door

When the house owners painted the front this bright orange a few months ago, I was less than thrilled. Now, however, I really like it! Very bright, but very cheerful.

Our beautiful copa de oro tree

Love this view šŸ™‚

Our yellow flowers have gotten pretty wild! I like it. Please excuse our table, we like to eat lunch outdoors sometimes.

15 thoughts on “House Tour: Outside

    • I like it, too. It’s a crazy color, but since half the front of the house is covered by the tree, it’s nice to have a bright color to shine through it! It also goes nicely with the rest of the warm colors we have… the purple copa de oro tree, the yellow flowers, etc etc.

      Bottom line: It’s Mexico. We can paint our houses whatever color we want.

  1. I love the orange. Gives the house a real Mexican hacienda feel. Is it still hard to get a good rental in Cancun? I remember losing out on so many apartments. The owner would promise me that it’s mine, I would come back to pay my deposit and it would be gone to another renter. Was very frustrating!

    • I’m surprised! Usually there are TONS of rentals in Cancun… more rentals than renters. Although maybe the well-priced ones go fast. (We paid for this one 2 days after it was posted online.)

  2. Love the front! And the the copa de oro for shade. And the orange just blends in! Good luck with the orchid in the back. They are very fussy about location and being moved.

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