House Tour: My Bathroom


House Tour: Our Room

House Tour: Upstairs

House Tour: Living Room

House Tour: Kitchen and Storage Room

House Tour: Outside


After more than a year struggling with less than satisfactory water pressure in the upstairs bathroom, I recently discovered that the downstairs shower has excellent pressure, even with hot water! I quickly decided to take over the downstairs bathroom as my own. It’s not as big as the upstairs bathroom, but I’ve still managed to make it cute.

Yet another sad, tiny sink... oh how loathe them

I have candles, a green wastebasket and a Target bamboo floormat, all brought down from the US

In place of a mirror, I have a piece of art. It's a peacock made entirely of seashells and caliz that was given to us as a wedding gift. It was made on the Yucatan coast, near Jorge's mom's hometown of Chabihau.

Our carpenter friend Leo made these little shelves. There's Bath and Body Works soap and lotion kit, shells from Chabihau (I have a whole bag full of them), and a flower pot that my Aunt Bobbi painted for us as a wedding shower gift.

5 thoughts on “House Tour: My Bathroom

  1. Love all the personal touches around your house. You’ve made it a HOME. 🙂

    I took over the hallway bathroom and Seth took over the guest bathroom. We like them so much better than the master.

    • I brush my teeth and wash my face in the upstairs bathroom, and I do my makeup in the bedroom. (There’s no counter, so it’s not like I could do much with a mirror anyway haha)

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