Weekend Recap

Our weekend was less than exciting (sorry), but still nice and relaxing!

Friday Night

Jorge got to The Beer Box around 10 pm and spent awhile chatting about work, and my friends Dama and Nadia (plus their boyfriends and a few of Nadia’s coworkers) met up with us around midnight. There was some really great live music, too!


Saturday I slept in because I had the day off from work (woo-hoo!), and spent a few hours watching TV and reading until Jorge got home around 4. We swung by his parents’ house for late lunch, and I talked to my dad on the phone for awhile.

Saturday night, we went to our friend Jhonny’s birthday party, which was held at the house Jhonny just bought. The original owners left him some pretty funky colors in the living room (bright orange walls with purple ceiling beams), but the renovations he’s done so far have been pretty nice. Wish I’d taken more pictures of the house, but I got distracted by tons of friends and a pretty sweet taco buffet:


Once again I had a relaxing morning, then around midday I took some pics of the house so I can post a much-requested house tour this week! (finally)

At 2 pm, I met up with Nadia for a run/walk around Parque Kabah. She’s been running for much longer than I have, and she had to slow down to my turtle pace, but we had a great time anyway. We did 6K with mostly walking and some running, but by the end I was feeling faint, which has never happened to me before. I usually run in the evenings, so I think it was the heat that got me.

Jorge and I had planned to go to Plaza La Isla for the afternoon and evening, but when he got home around 4 we both accidentally fell asleep. He was tired from work, I was exhausted from my run. By the time we woke up, we decided to just do something quick, so we grabbed a sushi dinner at Paseo Cancun mall and browsed a bit, then headed home.

Tell me about your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! Sometimes the best times are the simple ones.

    As far as the running thing…great that you ran with a friend. It makes the time go by much faster and you’re focused on conversation instead of time or distance. Also, make sure you are running with water or power aid. Its too hot here to do without! Most running stores have bottles with a velcro strap that makes it easy to hold and not cumbersome like a bottle of water.

  2. My wife and I went to about 4 estate sales. They’re always interesting because you get to see the insides of different houses and how they are laid out. The sad part is you have to figure that an estate saw probably means either someone passed away or has been moved into an assisted living or family members home. So you’re looking at somebody’s life treasures and what they must have meant to people. One interesting house was these pictures on a wall. They were all taken at different vacation spots looking out at the water with their toes in the pictures. He was a pilot for Japan Air. painted toes and feet, it was like a timeline of this families travels. Also saw the Bourne legacy movie and neither of us thought much of it. Way too many motorcycle chases, car chases and leaping off of tall buildings.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Your weekend sounded super nice to be. All I did was watch “Look out for Honey Boo-Boo” with my friend, while my husband was working. Well, I did do some housework (so exciting eh?) Yes, I agree with Kristen. Always replenish those fluids if running in heat and humidity. I remember running down Kuklulcan Blvd. on a hot afternoon and having to stop at Sanbourns for water as I felt suddenly faint and sick. Take care.

  4. Always carry water while running and a fanny pack is just the thing! You can pull it off girl! I got a really nice leather one at Coral Negro several years ago (cheap). And it carries a water bottle.
    By the way, Benito left Tres Rios a couple weeks ago .. he is at Secrets Capri. A person will never advance changing jobs so often.

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