Weight Loss Before and After: Part 6

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I went back to the nutritionist yesterday for my weigh-in, and the results were not good. I gained half a pound.

I have only 4 pounds left to go. The problem is I’ve been trying to lose the same 4 pounds for over a month now. For some reason, my willpower seems to have left me. Maybe 8 months of dieting is just past my limit, and I just stopped caring whether or not I cheated on my diet. In the past 2 weeks, there was a tiramisu, a dinner (and dessert) at Chili’s, and a very forbidden pizza, not to mention many tiny cheats in between.

There are 3 weeks left until my next weigh-in, and my goal is to not cheat once during that time, and to hit the gym (or running path) pretty hard 5 days a week. It’s a tough goal, but I’m feeling really motivated. Hopefully I can shed those last 4 pounds of fat by my next weigh-in, and gain some muscle. Even though I look and feel great, my percent body fat is still above a healthy range.

Here are some more before and after pics, even though they’re no different from the last ones since I haven’t lost weight since then.

November 2011 - 160 pounds

Now - 132 pounds

In 2012, I’ve lost 28 pounds and completed a 5K race. I can lose 4 stinkin pounds.

Unfortunately today’s birthday celebration day at the office, and this month the Brazilian team is in charge of getting the cake. The Brazilians at my office always buy the best cakes. Time to stay strong!

13 thoughts on “Weight Loss Before and After: Part 6

  1. You know what they say, “those last stubborn 5 pounds.” You have really met your goals thus far, so you can do it!
    At least you have age on your side, Gringation. For me, at 40 you really have to be mindful of your lifestyle. Check out my struggles at http://www.trextotigress.com

    Buena suerte! Think positive.

  2. Yes Laura. I did get your comment when I checked again. It was pending approval or something. Thanks for commenting. Made me LOL.

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