A Weekend of Clubbing in Cancun

Jorge had to work the graveyard shift Friday and Saturday. Since I don’t like being in the house by myself all night, I decided to make the most of it and spend each night out!


Friday Night in Party Center

I met up with Nadia for a girls night out at Señor Frog’s in Cancun’s Party Center. Can you believe I’d never been there after living here 7 years? I’d always heard it had a crazy party atmosphere, but I think we might have gone on a dull night. There were plenty of people and the music was good, but it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be.

I will say that the guys there were a bit… um… “agressive”, and I felt pretty uncomfortable the whole time we were there. We even had this conversation:

Argentinean Guy: You guys should really try this drink I just ordered! It’s so good!

Nadia and Me: Umm, no thanks.

Argentinean Guy: No really! It’s good for your heart.

Nadia and Me: No, no thanks.

After the weird Argentinean drink incident and several other frightening moments, I’ve come to the conclusion that women should never go to Señor Frog’s unless they’re with a large group or there’s a guy present.

Senor Frog's

Next we walked up the strip to Congo, my personal favorite. It was packed (as always), but at one point they turned the fans off and it got so hot that we wandered next door to XX Bar. I love XX, although it gets so crowded that it’s hard to dance much. There were tons of people there and everyone was having the best time, plus they play a lot of hip hop, which I love to dance to (even if I’m really bad at it)

A very blurry XX Bar

We also saw a guy who looked exactly like Peeta from Hunger Games. I really wanted to get a picture with him, but I didn’t want to freak the poor guy out.

All in all, I only spent $130 pesos the entire night (about $10 US dollars)! Since Nadia and I don’t drink, we just chose Party Center clubs that don’t charge cover, then didn’t order anything while we were there. We did buy some bottled water at the Oxxo between clubs, though, and we got some snacks at Surfin Burrito before we went home.


Saturday Night in Downtown Cancun

I went out to celebrate my friend Grelty’s birthday at Dubai, a popular nightclub for locals in downtown Cancun. While tourists usually dress pretty casual to go to the club in Party Center (I wore shorts and flip flops on Friday, for example), locals loooove to get all dressed up in their most sparkly outfits and their highest heels. I fit right in:

Sparkly top? Check. New jeans? Check. Sky-high heels? Check.

At Dubai, nobody gets too crazy because Cancun is a small town, and you probably know/work with/went to college with half of the people there. Mostly it’s just locals wearing cool outfits and dancing a lot, which I don’t mind at all!

Benja, Penny and Jhonny

Me, Nelly and gorgeous birthday girl Grelty

Penny and me 🙂

At Dubai, I only spent $40 pesos (about $3 US dollars). I ordered a bottle of water, which Jhonny generously offered to pay for, and I only had to pay for my cab ride home!

That’s just $13 dollars for 4 nightclubs plus Surfin Burrito! Transportation included! It may not be for everybody, but not drinking at the club can be a huge money saver. 🙂

Bonus: I even managed to get up on time for church Sunday morning.

What are the nightclubs like where you live?

10 thoughts on “A Weekend of Clubbing in Cancun

  1. Sounds so fun! I really miss those days of my youth in Cancun. We would frequently head to Cats (before your day) Dady Rock to see the amazing, talented house band Soapbox ( I believe they are still there) and yes Señor Frogs. But I must admit, the women flashing their boobs and parts down south at Senor Frogs was too much for a modest gal like me.

    Downtown, I loved El Malau for salsa Dancing and Roots cafe. I don’t go to clubs these days, getting too old and decrepit.
    Great post! Took me back in time.

    • We didn’t see anything like that at Señor Frog’s, but then again we left early (around 1 am). I used to go to Dady Rock every Saturday night! It’s not around anymore, though 🙁

  2. just reading this gets me all pumped up for my (hopefully) upcoming trip to Cancun! I don’t club as much as I used to – hell… I don’t club at all – but I feel like I’m going to have to while I’m there, right?!

  3. I’m going to Cancun in mid September. Can anyone tell me the best salsa clubs to go to? Preferably with live Cuban music. Thanks!

    • Hi Angela,

      For live salsa, the best place I know of is Mambo Cafe. It’s in downtown Cancun (not the Hotel Zone) at Plaza Hong Kong. It’s easily reachable by bus or taxi. Have fun!

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