Reader Photo Request: Falling in Love with Mexico

Continuing with the Reader Photo Requests, Lisa of Seeking So(u)l asked to see a photo that represents the moment I knew I was in love with Mexico. (GREAT request!)

I can still remember the first time I ever saw Mexico. The summer after my high school graduation, I went to Acapulco to work as a missionary intern at a street child center and an orphanage. It was an amazing and extremely challenging summer that has lots of great memories for me, but that’s a story for another time.

I vividly remember the car ride that took me from the Acapulco airport all the way over to the other side of the city when I first landed. I was overwhelmed by the bay views from the highway, and as I rode along the Costera (Acapulco’s main street that goes along the beach), I instantly fell in love with the high rise resorts and the beachy vibe. Ever since that moment, I knew that tourism was going to be my passion.

Now, here I am in Cancun, another Mexico destination filled with beautiful beaches and immense resorts, working in the tourism industry just like I dreamed 8 years ago.

I combed through my Acapulco photos (printed, not digital… that’s how long ago it was) and couldn’t find a picture of the bay I fell in love with, so here’s a photo I stole from Google:

I love that city.



4 thoughts on “Reader Photo Request: Falling in Love with Mexico

  1. Nice memory, Laura. Acupulco looks like a great tourist destination and I love how this trip shaped your future. I have a request for one of your up coming blogs. A day in the life of your work day. Office pics, meetings, etc. Your job seems so fun and interesting.

  2. Falling in love with Mexico is easy (especially Cancun and the most beautiful blue water). Being in tourism would be fun (in my next life) I’ll have a job in Cancun 🙂

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