Reader Photo Requests: Where We Met

Yet another Reader Photo Request: Julie at Mommie Cooks asked to see where Jorge and I first met.

Something that not many people know (until now, I guess) is that Jorge and I met on the internet.

Today that’s not  shocking at all, but just 5 years ago it wasn’t very common to meet your significant other online (online dating sites weren’t yet in full swing, and Facebook wouldn’t be popular for another 2 years), so we didn’t tell many people about it. Well, now the cat’s out of the bag. We had a few friends in common and went to neighboring universities, and we ended up chatting online as acquaintances around October 2006.

I started casually dating another guy around that the time, but he stood me up on a date one night in December. Needless to say I was feeling pretty down on myself, and I got online to see which friends were available to talk. I think it was late at night and my friend Jorge was the only person online, so I used him as a virtual shoulder to cry on.

From that night on, Jorge and I began chatting more and more as friends. He left for 2 weeks on vacation in late December, and I didn’t think much of it at the time. However, when I saw him online once he was back in Cancun, I remember feeling so happy to see his screen name pop up. I hadn’t realized that I’d missed talking to him.

In late January 2007, we made plans to meet up in person and hang out. Our meeting place was outside a church near where he lived.

I was sitting on that ledge under the trees.

From there, we walked to his parents’ house and watched the movie Nacho Libre together. One week and a few dates later, we had our first kiss and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Long story short: Jorge and I are married now because some guy stood me up on a date 5 years ago.


14 thoughts on “Reader Photo Requests: Where We Met

  1. I love stories like that! Thank God the other one didn’t work out because you got a winner!

    My husband and I met at work. I was his boss. Scandalous, I know! Glad I went against the conventional way and met my winner too!

  2. That was pretty cool the way you met Jorge. Imet my wife while we were both staying at a bread and breakfast in Alaska just north of Denali Nat’l Park. I was up there visiting my daughter who was working at the park and my wife Dorothy was driving all around Alaska all by herself seeing all the sights, how brave. She lived in Phoenix, AZ and I lived in the Bay Area by San Franciso. After just three months we got tired of commuting by plane so we got married and she mooved out to Califotnia. After 3 years I retired from UPS after 30 years and we moved back to Phoenix. This October it will be 15 years and still going strong. Her daughter lives in Perto Vallarta now, just moved there from Cancun. She’s up here visitng for a couple weeks now. Buying stuff she can’t get down there.

  3. awesome, what a great story. I hadn’t realized that you hadn’t shared you story… when I started reading your blog you were well into your relationship, so I guess I never thought any more about it.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Cool story! I met my husband online 12 years ago (scandalous!!) and our actual first face to face meeting was in Las Vegas, of all places. Interesting telling that story to people when you live in the “bible belt South” 🙂

  5. Something like that happened to me too! I told my crush how I felt about him about a week before my birthday. He did said that he felt the same way about me, but he had to think about being together because he needed go to Toluca to study, and well, distance and relationships? He wasn’t sure. At 11:50ish pm on the day of my birthday, he told me we couldn’t be. I was eating ice-cream and crying when Mars appeared on the Msn. We had friends in common (that’s why he add me, but I didn’t knew him at all). I didn’t quite liked him, he was a little arrogant, and a smartass (you can see nothing has changed lol) but that day he was caring and helped me to accept my crush desition. We talked everyday after that, and the 9th of September we finally met. He was wearing a pink shirt, and was holding a pink ipod. I didn’t liked pink. At. All. But we had a lovely date, and 5 days after that we had our first kiss. It’s been almost five years, and we are living together, with two cats and lots of love.

    By the way, neither the pink shirt nor the ipod where his.

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