Reader Photo Requests: My Neighborhood

When I asked for Reader Photo Requests last week, Meredith and Joe asked to see more of my day-to-day life. Sometimes things that seem so ordinary to me might be interesting to someone else, like my neighborhood.

I love my neighborhood! It’s very family-oriented and everyone always says “buenos días” when they see me walking down the street. The best part about it is the parks. Even though Cancun is a tropical tourist destination, the downtown area (where the locals live) is surprisingly low on green areas and parks. We do have some great ones, but they are few and far between throughout the city. My neighborhood is one of the few exceptions! We have a small park on every corner, along with 3 large ones.

Here are some pics of the little park by my street.Whenever I walk by and see the palm trees, I remember I’m in paradise. (Minus the brown patches of grass and the middle-school graffiti, of course.)

**I apologize for the less-than-stellar photo quality. I snapped these on my way back from work while holding my gym bag and purse.**

What’s the best thing about your neighborhood?

9 thoughts on “Reader Photo Requests: My Neighborhood

  1. Those look really nice. I only passed through Cancun on my way to Isla Mujeres so didn’t see anything except the bus dropoff area downtown which is not the most glamourous. I would love to see the parks etc.

    The best thing about my neighbourhood in NYC is Central Park. I live 5 mins away and its a lovely green escape from metropolis!

  2. The mexico I see through your blog is so beautiful. My neighborhood has its beauty too. It’s one of those everyone is friends wih everyone, everyone knows everyone else’s kids (and watches out for them), but the real beauty is the people. Its such a nice community.

  3. Wow! Looks like a beautiful neighborhood!! You’re right, after reading your blog seeing your “daily life” is really interesting for us (even though it’s totally normal for you.) I miss green. In my neighborhood in Sao Paulo we have everything you could ever want (which I love): stores, acai stands, grocery stores, schools, restaurants, cafes etc. but we don’t have any parks or green spaces (which I dislike).

  4. We also have a really nice park in my area (S.M. 15) There is a gazebo and pretty paths throughout that we use when we go running. I miss having more green areas and parks in Cancun like we have back home (Vancouver)

  5. Looks pretty! I agree, green space can be hard to find here too! When I first arrived, I couldn’t figure out what felt “off” about the neighborhood (You know, besides the language, heat, sun, smells, etc..). I finally figured out it was grass!!

  6. Nice. Thanks! I want to see houses, buildings (where the locals live)…love it. And I think it’s funny when I click on my name it sends me to my blog but with at the end. When I type my blog address out it always ends in 🙂

  7. Love the park. I do wish that Mexico had more parks and playgrounds.

    My favorite part of my neighborhood is the sidewalks and trees everywhere. It’s why we just couldn’t leave Playacar and move to the downtown area even if it was closer to the beach.

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