Worst Diet Ever

Last Friday I went back to the nutritionist for my 2-week weigh-in. Once again, I had lost almost no weight.

The nutritionist told me I have reached a plateau (again), and asked if I’d like to try a much different, more difficult diet for the next 2 weeks to “jump start” my system. I figured I’d give it a go.

Well, this new diet had better work because it is AWFUL. I feel like I’ve only been eating shrimp, lettuce and slices of turkey since Monday, and it’s all starting to taste pretty gross. On top of that, I am starving by mid-afternoon. So far I’ve cheated with sushi (Wednesday night) and half a bagel (last night) because my stomach just can’t handle how little it’s being given right now.

Today I’m excited because it’s “all fruit, all day… plus a sandwich” day! I love fruit and sandwiches, so I’m happy for the next 24 hours.

I’ll give it a few more days and if I’m still hungry, I’ll send the nutritionist an e-mail to see if we can’t beef up this diet a bit so I can survive the next 10 days without binging on pizza, Dr. Pepper and Froot Loops.

Here’s another before and after to keep me motivated through next week.

Before - 160 pounds (with my sister Sarah and... Elvis.)

After - 140 pounds (I've lost another 5 pounds since this picture)

These last 7 pounds are killing me.


18 thoughts on “Worst Diet Ever

  1. Keep going. You can do it. I know how you feel. I think that I am stuck. I have lost 33 pounds since Christmas, but I haven’t lost any in a couple of months. Thankfully, I haven’t gained any. But, I want to lose 25 more.

  2. Well let me just say that you are looking absolutely beautiful. Not that you weren’t already, but you are “glowing”!!

    Now, not to state the obvious or be a downer by any means…Is your nutritionist being realistic? I mean, what is going to happen when you reach your ideal goal, and start eating food again? The last pounds are always the hardest… I feel for you… Can you eat hardboiled eggs san yolk? They usually add a bit flare to my salads, etc… Anyways, you’re looking fantastic !!

    • Judging from the last few months, it looks like my normal diet with the nutritionist is good for maintaining my new weight. I feel very comfortable with that diet, I enjoy what I eat, and I feel like I could continue that one on a permanent basis. She says once I reach my goal, I’ll also be able to have 1 cheat meal a week, which will be perfect for going to a restaurant or something. So I do feel confident about maintaining!

      I did ask her if I might gain a pound or two back when I finish this strict temporary diet, and she said no, I wouldn’t.

      No flair for the salads this week… it specifically says only lettuce, cucumber and grilled chicken. Boring!

      • No that’s good Laura – Just had to make sure your Nutritionist is thinking long term here… So many don’t. I’m not just talking out of my ass either, as you know, I’m a Registered Health Practitioner with the AADP. I have just seen so many people be given unrealistic long term diets… Thus creating the Yo Yo effect.

        Weights are fantastic – Everyone should do them. Helps your metabolism, and you burn more calories throughout the day. If you want any meal ideas, I have a MILLION! LOL!

  3. Question: Do you think you need to lose 7 more pounds? I don’t! 🙂 Just sayin’!

    (I am posting this for the 10 other people who want to ask you the same thing.) xo

    • Kristin: The extra 7 pounds are all around the hips/abdomen area, and I hide them very well! Also, I need to lose 7 pounds of fat to get to a healthy percent body fat. Right now my percent body fat is at 27.6% (unhealthy…30% is obese, to give you an idea), and it needs to get to around 24% to be healthy. I might end up gaining weight back from muscle since I’m doing weights at the gym now, but I do need to lose 7 pounds of fat.

      Long story short: I love the size I’m at now, but there needs to be more muscle and less fat to be healthy.

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  4. You are sooo much more disciplined than I am! I do wonder if that diet provides you with enough fuel if you are lifting weights and working out. See, my problem is that I build muscle quickly but it is covered in a layer of fat. 🙁 But once I started doing boot camp and lifting and keeping up with tons of cardio, my weight starting dropping in the second week of doing that, and the eating has remained the same.

    Regardless, good luck and enjoy your sandwich!

    • I have been doing weights and cardio at the gym all week, and I feel great. It’s just right around 5 pm and 8 pm that I get really hungry, but otherwise I feel energetic.

      Are you doing boot camp with your gym? Sounds interesting 🙂

      • Clearly you have a great nutritionist! 🙂

        Yes, I do boot camp at the YMCA in the States and I have fallen in love with it. I haven’t started to do Spinning in the US as I did in Cancun, as I haven’t found a class that rivals the ones I went to before…there was this amazing Spinning gym on Av Tulum that I believe was never rebuilt after Wilma….I sooo miss those classes.

  5. DON’T GIVE UP !! you have done an amazing job so far 🙂 I never post to tell you, so this time I will……been there too, its not easy ! certainly not at the very end…..you can do it….keep trucking, you look fabulous !!


  6. Congratulations on your weight loss… looking more great! The last pounds are really the hardest to lose; right don’t give up. I also considered weight loss surgery. I lost 43 lbs and still counting and so happy to gain back a healthy weight. Whichever way, best of luck with your weight loss!

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