Weight Loss Before and After: Part 4

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Weight Loss Before and After: Part 3

Sadly, only 1 pound lost and no noticeable changes since my last weight loss update. Now I’m down to 134 pounds.

Here’s what happened: When my family was here in late May, I missed 2 weeks at the gym. Despite all of our dinners in Playa del Carmen, I was proud that I was still able to control my portions. My nutritionist was a bit disappointed that I only lost 1 pound at my weigh-in, but I am thrilled that I didn’t gain any weight with little exercise and all that temptation (including a day at an All Inclusive resort)!

There was even a 5-layer chocolate fudge cake at work that I didn’t eat! I even cut slices for everyone in the office and had it sitting within my line of sight the entire work day. So, so proud.

My goal is to lose 1.2 kilos (2.6 pounds) in 2 weeks (by this Friday), which would get me down to 60 kilos! (132 pounds) It doesn’t sound like much, but when you get down to the last few pounds, it gets harder and harder to let go of the weight.

Now that I’ve got the diet and temptation part down, I need to pick up the pace at the gym. I don’t want to fall into the “skinny fat” category, so it’s time to work on my tone. It’s already gotten so much better in just a few months, but this gringa’s got a long way to go!

To keep me motivated, here are some more before and after pics so you can see the difference in my face:

Before - 160 pounds

After - 134 pounds

What’s the biggest food temptation you’ve ever resisted?

11 thoughts on “Weight Loss Before and After: Part 4

  1. my god, the difference in your face is remarkable! nice work!
    There is a picture of me at my brothers wedding 6 years ago hanging on his fridge, I was looking at it last night and thinking… I used to be that skinny? I think I’m going to join curves, I’m not sure if it’ll get me into the gym, but I need to try something different.. this gym just isn’t getting me in. I’ve been focusing on cutting sugar from my diet the last couple of weeks, it’s been going pretty well so far, but I can’t resist birthday cake – and there was a birthday last week! dang it.

  2. Toda la comida Mexicana! I want to eat tortillas like I used to with Menudo or Mole and not feel guilty or some chilaquiles šŸ˜‰

  3. You know what amiga? Don’t forget muscle weighs more than fat!! You are building so much muscle now, you can’t expect to keep losing the pounds!! You look fantastic, and most important, how do you feel? Probably fantastic!!!

    • I feel great! I’m also keeping track of my % body fat with the nutritionist, and specifically how many pounds of fat I’m losing. Some weeks I lose fat, but no overall body weight. šŸ™‚

      • That’s awesome Laura – seeing a nutritionist is sooo important! I just recently graduated, and am now a registered health practitioner w/ American Association of Drugless Practitioners… I can’t express enough how great it is that you are seeing a nutritionist šŸ™‚ Keep up the awesome work!

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