Barcelo Maya Resort: The Beach

I have a confession to make… Playa Norte (North Beach) on Isla Mujeres is no longer my favorite beach.

The beach I went to last Wednesday “blew it out of the water” (pun intended).

When we went to the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe resort for my cousin’s wedding (more on that later), I wasn’t expecting to find such an incredible beach. So, so many palm trees. Pool-like water. No seaweed. Breathtaking.

Even though there were so many of us in the water, several schools of large silver fish had no qualms about swimming around us, between my knees, and along my feet. I was actually screaming, smiling and jumping up and down out of sheer joy. Why can’t every day be like this?

Somebody please slap me if I ever decide to move away from the Caribbean.

What’s your favorite beach in the world?

9 thoughts on “Barcelo Maya Resort: The Beach

  1. Akumal. After that Tulum. Playa Norte is pretty but definitely not on my favorites list primarily due to the fact is seems like it’s always crowded with partygoers like Cancun.

    • Carl, this beach was very similar to Akumal (it’s only 10 minutes away), but I enjoyed it a bit more only because of all the fish. I agree that Playa Norte is a bit too crowded lately.

  2. We have stayed at the Riu Resorts in Playacar and I always thought that Playacar had the best beach. We are going to be at the Barcelo Maya Beach this Aug. I can hardly wait. Looking forward to this awesome beach!!!

  3. We’ve been to the Riviera Maya 14 times now. Have stayed at several very nice resorts. Barcelo Maya Palace is our favorite. We’re planning our fifth stay there now. For me, having a reef close enough to snorkel to and explore is definitely a plus. You mentioned the fish, but it is rare that I don’t also see fairly large sting rays loafing on the bottom (out in deeper water) and sea turtles. Sit under those palm trees and sip a pina colada from about 2 to 4pm. We’ve seen sea turtles every day we’ve visited. Look out about 25 yards from the beach. Our next favorite beach is Akumal.

    • Hi
      Would you recommend staying at the Barcelo Beach Resort? We stayed there years ago and loved it but it is only a 4 star rating and we have stayed at the Riu in Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta and loved those as they are 4.5 ratings. Love to hear your opinion before I book it.

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