Spider-y Nightmares

**Warning: Do not scroll down if you scare easily. Heck, I probably won’t even look at this after I post it.**

I’m not normally a very squeamish person, and critters don’t bother me too much, except for the occasional flying cockroach (evolution’s biggest mistake). I’ve even gotten up close and personal with a wild tarantula the size of my face.

However, there is one creature here in Mexico that I can’t stand.

When I first moved to Mexico back in 2005, I was living in Acapulco. In my bathroom, I would frequently find these giant, grayish spiders on the wall. (Maybe 2 or 3 a week)

The only way I could describe them was “giant bathroom spider that looks like a hammerhead shark”.

I spent all yesterday debating if I wanted this on my blog because even pictures of it freak me out.

When I moved to Cancun, my giant bathroom spider problems seemed to be over… until I started going to Chabihau to visit Jorge’s family. In Jorge’s parents’ vacation house bathroom, I have seen 2 of these things over the years. I can’t go into that bathroom without scouring the walls for hammerhead shark spiders. I even saw 1 in my in-laws’ Cancun bathroom once.

Yesterday, however, while researching some crazy ants I saw at the park this weekend, I accidentally stumbled upon a tidbit of information that gave me the chills for the rest of the afternoon.

They’re not spiders.

They are “Tailless Mexican Whip Scorpions“.

The good news is that Wikipedia says they’re harmless. Whatever, they’re still terrifying.


What’s the craziest creature you’ve ever seen?

15 thoughts on “Spider-y Nightmares

  1. “except for the occasional flying cockroach (evolution’s biggest mistake)” LOL! That made my day. 🙂

    Love your style and the new look, Lau! Keep rocking on.

  2. For scorpions I’ve learned that the bigger, uglier and darker they look, the less dangerous they really are.. Now the little, white almost-transparent ones, those are other story…

  3. Oh ugh! I would rather go shower free for a week than share a bathroom with one of those. I have huge arachnophobia issues; even if it isn’t technically a spider. Have you seen that ad for Mentos about the spider? They absolutely can’t’ be trusted. :)~

  4. Not Nice! Over here in Malta I stumbled across something called a ‘skink’, which basically looks like a snake except with tiny little legs. Again, not dangerous, but rather disturbing.

  5. I lived in Acapulco in the 80’s. I came across the whip scorpion once. It was HUGE. Much bigger than your photos. It cured my fear of spiders, in that instant. I had a new enemy. (By the way, I LOVE the comment about flying cockroaches. I was just getting used to them, after a couple of years, when one flew in my hair. The screaming and wild dancing I did….quite hilarious.)

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