Weight Loss Before and After: Part 3

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Well, here I am, 5 months into my weight loss journey. First off, I was wrong. Turns out my goal is actually 128 pounds instead of 130 pounds (this is what happens when you live in a country that uses kilos). No biggie, 2 more pounds than I thought.

As you may remember, I started at 160 pounds back in mid-December. The entire month of April was a huge plateau, and I couldn’t manage to get below 140 pounds for the life of me.

2 weeks ago I decided to switch gyms so I could do more cardio and some weight training, as several friends recommended. The exercise switch seemed to get me over that plateau, and I’m finally down to 135 pounds! Just 7 pounds to go for this gringa.

Here go the before and after pictures (please pardon the sweat and red face, I had just gotten back from the gym):

Before: 160 pounds in November 2011

After: 135 pounds in May 2012

And from the side… check out the difference in the arms!

Before: October 2010 160 pounds

After: May 2012 135 pounds

So proud, and so close to my goal.

The weight training has been challenging because I’ve never lifted a weight in my life. On some of the arm curl machines, I can barely make it through 15 reps with just the machine (no weights). Pathetic, but ya gotta start somewhere!

I was really proud last week when I did 8 minutes jogging on the treadmill. I don’t think I’ve ever jogged for more than 3 minutes, so that was a huge deal to me.

The diet is a breeze now, except for the occasional soda. Oops.

On the downside, my leggings no longer fit me as of last week. This means that the only clothes I have left are dresses. Just a few more weeks til I can buy some skinny jeans and SHORTS! Oh my gosh, I haven’t worn shorts in years.

15 thoughts on “Weight Loss Before and After: Part 3

  1. Laura

    You look fantastic! Keep up the good work. BTW…as a long distance runner, I can give you some tips on how to make treadmill running more enjoyable and rewarding. Email if you want.

    • A little bit of both. I have to eat a certain number of portions from each food group every day, and I can mix it up however I want. (At first she gave me daily menus as a guideline, but now I do it on my own.) Every 2 weeks she changes up the number of portions in each food group to keep my body guessing. Also no sugar, and no high fat foods.

  2. Girl – you look absolutely amazing! I’m so jealous – I wish I could get off my ass and do something – I’m the biggest I’ve ever been … ugh – I hope motivation hits me … soon!

  3. Congratulations! I’m on my own weight-loss journey right now, so I completely understand your excitement. Great job!

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