Final Trash the Dress Photos

Here they are! Thanks again to Monica Lopez (photography), Vanessa Dominguez Alvarez (makeup), Mommy (made my dress), Garrafon Park (best location ever) and God (for the nice weather… and the Caribbean Sea).

For all the other Trash the Dress photos, check here:

Part 1

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Part 3

aaand a final thank you to Jorge for holding my purse whenever I need it.

22 thoughts on “Final Trash the Dress Photos

  1. Thank you for posting them. I am renewing my vows in June and because of you, Monica will be our photographer. Very excited. Thank you again,Tina
    P.S. Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Do men get lessons in grasping a woman’s purse such as Jorge is in that photo? Brandon does he exact same thing. Not that I expect him to throw it over his shoulder, but it’s always that same grip.

    • I think it’s to convey “This is not my purse, I’m just holding it for somebody” in a very clear manner.

      He does carry the floral beach bag over the shoulder whenever we use it, though (you can see it on his other side). And he looks rockin in a pink shirt.

  3. Beautiful photos. I’ve mentioned b4, I love the black and white. And what a way to end the photos .. sitting on a bench!

  4. Ok, here it goes. You look great. The photos are great. I way overreacted to the term “trashing the dress.” You were right. Noelle is right, you look gorgeous.

  5. I’m sad they are over, but I”ve loved them all – what a great photographer – she captured some very beautiful shots. Great subjects too… you guys look amazing!

  6. I love these pictures! Do you know if Monica speaks English or at least some? My husband understands enough Spanish, and I speak enough to usually get through a conversation. Would love to use her!

    • Hi Kristen! I do speak some English, I can understand almost everything in a normal conversation, and I can let you know what would be the best for the shot and everything. If you speak some Spanish too, then I think we can work this out 🙂 Please contact me if you need anything, saludos!

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