Mexican Oranges are… Green?

I’ve been making fresh-squeezed orange juice in the mornings for the last few weeks. In March, I tried the more expensive “orange” oranges that look more like what I saw in the US. Since they looked more familiar to me, I assumed they would be the best choice. This week I tried the more common “green” oranges that Jorge loves so much. Turns out, Jorge’s “green” oranges are far superior in flavor and juiciness. (Win for Jorge.)

They may look like limes from the outside… but they sure are delicious.

Love the color contrast.

13 thoughts on “Mexican Oranges are… Green?

  1. Well, the part that we eat is still orange. I have heard somewhere that most oranges are green and the Florida growers will often dye them orange. That may not be correct, but it does sound like something people would do.

  2. Do you know what they are called? Like what type of orange it is? I’d love to try one someday… I LOVE oranges, no matter the color – LOL

  3. The reason ”oranges” have green peels here (the Yucatan peninsula) is the absence of cool nights while they’re ripening — in other words, it’s a climate thing, not a variety of orange. Peels are also thinner in the tropics, and the harvest season differs. You’ll occasionally see bright orange colored oranges hanging on a tree here, but that just means that a bird has pecked into them, and they’re spoiled! Anyway — the orange-oranges that you bought had probably traveled far further from their harvest point than the green ones! More than you wanted to know, right?

    • In my case, the orange oranges and green oranges had different names. (I don’t doubt what you’re saying, just saying that the ones I bought were 2 different kinds.)

      Interesting to know that’s why they’re green 🙂

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