First Trash the Dress Photos!!

My photographer, Monica Lopez (, sent me a few of my Trash the Dress photos today! The location is the beautiful Garrafon Park on Isla Mujeres, who were so generous with us throughout the day.

There will be more sometime next week, but for now I can’t stop looking at these:

I think I might ask Monica to follow me around with a camera everywhere I go from now on, forever. Check out her website here:

More to come in a few days! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Update: Now you can check out the rest of our Trash the Dress shots!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

17 thoughts on “First Trash the Dress Photos!!

  1. Laura you look amazing! You guys look like your in a majestic fairytale Wonderland its amazing! Can your photographer follow me around too, then we can send the pics out to my potential new boyfriends?? Haha

  2. Um, WOW!!! You look beautiful!!! As does Jorge!!!! Those look like photos out of a magazine. The sky is even perfect!!!

  3. You look amazing! congrats, you have reached super model status! Monica took pictures of my family like 10 years ago! she did an amazing job then- and now!!!

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