Trash the Dress Teaser

This Sunday, we had our Trash the Dress photo shoot at Parque Garrafon on Isla Mujeres. There were so many beautiful locations to shoot there, and it was a gorgeous day! Don’t worry: I’ll be sure to do a full post with the professional pictures once I have them, but here are a few of my cell phone pics to keep you entertained in the meanwhile.

My makeup (and a creepy stare, sorry)

Remember the crinoline skirt I bought a few weeks ago? It was to give the dress extra "princess poof" for this shoot.

View from the buffet restaurant. WOW!

**Note: No dresses were harmed in the making of this Trash the Dress shoot.

9 thoughts on “Trash the Dress Teaser

  1. If no dresses were harmed – how the hell did you trash it?! or was it just an excuse to wear your dress again? 😉

    I still can’t wait to see them all!

    • I’m using “Trash the Dress” loosely haha

      We did a similar photo shoot to a “Trash the Dress”… outdoors, out-of-the-ordinary shots, cool location. I even climbed on some rocks, in some tree roots, up a cliff, in some caves, on a Mayan temple, etc… we were just careful not to actually hurt the dress or get it wet. (Those on the beach, in the water shoots are overdone anyway haha)

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