Spring Break Cancun Craziness

Well this past 3-day weekend was crazy, to say the least!

Friday night we went to Party Center in the Hotel Zone with some of Jorge’s guy friends to see some of the Spring Break 2012 action.

Line outside Coco Bongo

This shirt was a Christmas present, and it didn

Mandala - filled up!

We wandered around Party Center for awhile, then decided on XX Bar because it was cheap, and the only place that wasn’t 100% packed yet.

**Note to my female readers: Dancing on bars is fun, but I recommend wearing jeans, not miniskirts. It may seem fun at the time, but you won’t like that YouTube video filmed by some stranger once you’re home from vacation.

**Note to my male readers: Don’t dance on bars. Ever. You may fall into the concrete bar pit like this one shirtless body builder we saw. Hilarious for us. Not an easy embarrassment to shake off for him.

The best part of the night: I got hit on! Since I’m always out with Jorge, I haven’t gotten hit on much in the past 5 years. 30 seconds by myself at the bar, and I was turning guys down. Nice to know I still got it!

We left XX Bar around 4 am and snuck into went to Plaza Forum for some late-night pizza. Yum!

8 thoughts on “Spring Break Cancun Craziness

  1. Cute photos, looks like a fun night. Cute top, isn’t it great being able to fit into smaller clothes. I am trying hard to be good so I can buy some cute clothes for my trip back to the states in the summer.

  2. That looks like a blast! I LOOOOOVE that top, by the way! Super cute! And I totally know what you mean about being hit on- it’s fun every once in a while to feel like you’re single again and just prove to yourself that you can still turn heads 🙂

  3. Wow, party zone looks fun. I love your tips at the end. I never did understand why girls in miniskirts would get up and shake it on top of a bar, LOL. As for the flirting? I know how you feel. We went to a friend of GC’s Mardi Gras party this weekend and it was so nice to have his friends flirt with me. I still got it too!

  4. Man… talk about flashbacks. I’ve got pics in front of Daddy O’s, Hard Rock, and Coco Bongo… man – I’ve had some great times down there.
    I’ve even danced on bars (before videos via cell phones were ever possible) but I wore shorts… I quickly tore up the pictures once developed. 🙂

  5. Love the new shirt! You look great! I remember when Spring Break in Cancun was so crazy (about 10 years ago) It seems rather tame now but still fun.

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