The Surfin Burrito

One of our favorite places to go when we have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon is The Surfin Burrito. It’s located in the Cancun Hotel Zone, and since it opened a few months ago it’s become quite popular with tourists and a lot of my expat friends. It’s also open 24 hours a day and right next to Party Center, so it’s perfect for some 4 am burritos right after you leave the club.

They have beers, cocktails, tacos, ceviches, burritos and even some burgers, perfect for a quick and delicious meal.

This Sunday, Jorge and I ordered some pico de gallo ($25 pesos) that was absolutely perfect… spicy, but not so spicy it makes my nose run! Then we split a build-your-own burrito (around $70 pesos), with fish, a spinach tortilla, chipotle, rice, beans and God only knows what else!

I love this place… it’s super tiny (only 3 tables), very casual, and always has a mixed crowd hanging out and talking about their latest escapades.

We spent $160 pesos (about $13 US) total, including our pico de gallo, 1 burrito, some sodas and a tip.

Yet another Cancun restaurant that fits the 3 B’s: Bueno, Bonito y Barato!

23 thoughts on “The Surfin Burrito

    • Sarah: Surprisingly, these are “California style” burritos! (Most of Mexico doesn’t actually eat burritos… it’s more of an American version of Mexican food.)

      Although I will say these California-style burritos are much more “summery” (??) than the burritos I’ve had on the East coast.

    • there is a small diner in the mall on the second floor that has great salsa and cheap Corona’s (we spent a couple hours there and the bill was about 10.00 USD).

  1. I just love all your eatery blogs! You make everything look so good. We are moving to Playacar in 3 weeks, but I’ve definitely made a list of places to stop in Cancun from your blog.

  2. Open 24 hours? Oh dear, that sounds dangerous! Love the idea of build your own burrito, but I think after a few drinks, the burrito would end up being just a pile of meat and cheese sitting on top of a tortilla.

  3. Mmmm sounds delicious! Yes they do sound more ‘summery’, in NYC you don’t often find fish in a burrito. Can’t wait to get back though… give me mexican food over sushi anyday!!

  4. You’re killing me. I’m so hungry right now! I always ask for salsa minos caliente (I’m pretty sure I butchered the spelling) when we order salsa and finally a waiter said to us…”this is Mexico you know”

  5. Oh man, I miss burritos. I found so many great places to buy them in the Yucatan but, unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to find them in D.F. πŸ˜›

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