Weight Loss Before and After Part 1

*Warning: Yet another annoying diet post! Whatever, it’s my blog.

This month I’ve been pretty lame about my diet, and haven’t lost any more pounds.  After my last weigh-in was unsuccessful, I’ve now caught my second wind and decided to put together some before and after photos to keep me inspired.

Before – 160 pounds (not including snake)

After - 145 pounds

I have another 15 pounds to go! I know you’re thinking, “But Laura, you already look so trim!” Well, let’s just say I’ve gotten pretty good about hiding my arm fat in photos. Plus those yoga pants are incredibly flattering.

A tan and good posture also help, apparently.

19 thoughts on “Weight Loss Before and After Part 1

  1. you look great! @Sarah – totally agree, it’s good for some inspiration!!! I can vouch that went to the beach with Laura over the weekend and she was rockin the bikini – take that! High school spring breakers!

  2. Looking good! How can you not love a woman that’s not afraid to get up close and personal with a snake!

    I’m going to try and use your success to motivate me to lose the extra pounds I’m carrying around.

    I don’t see why you think you need to lose another 15 pounds, but good luck!

  3. Looking good keep up the good work. Wish that second wind would blow over here a little. I have been trying to eat better but have not been able to get back in to exercise. Hopefully soon. Great Job!!

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