Saturdays at the "Tianguis"

The last 2 Saturdays, Jorge and I have gone to his aunt’s house to sell our used stuff at the local tianguis (pronounced “Tee-AHN-geese”), a kind of Mexican flea market. In his aunt’s neighborhood, people set up stands along the street to sell snacks, books, used clothing, video games, makeup, and the list goes on and on. In previous years I’ve sold my used clothes to earn up to $500 pesos in a day (about $50 dollars for my US readers). We haven’t been so lucky the last 2 weekends because we keep getting rained out, but we’ll keep trying until there’s sunshine. At any rate the afternoon is never a total loss since Jorge’s aunts always have tamales, brazo de reina, and fried fish on-hand for lunch!

Here are some photos from Cancun’s Saturday tianguis

This last photo is my makeshift used clothes stand. I love so many of the clothes I’m selling, but many no longer fit me since I’ve lost weight. And some of those shoes have amazing memories! I haven’t had the chance to wear them in years (I wear a work uniform 6 days a week), but haven’t been willing to let them go for a very long time. I also have 2 bridesmaids dresses from my wedding, but I doubt I’ll be able to sell them at the tianguis since they’re more expensive items.

What kind of local markets do you have in your city?

11 thoughts on “Saturdays at the "Tianguis"

  1. I recently took some of my clothes and jewelry I’ve made to a resale shop. Sure hope some of it sells. I’ll get 40% of the sold item. Good luck with your stuff.

  2. What size shoe are you??? I borrowed a gold pair that I think fit me. I am desperate for some new shoes and would like to see what your getting rid of.

  3. Markets in Mexico are the best!! It sounds like a fun way to spend the day, even if you didn’t manage to sell your stuff just yet.

    I haven’t been to the big market here in el d.f. but I am going to. I could spend hours wandering around looking at cool little stalls. Plus the food section is always delicious.

  4. My street has a beautiful food market every Tuesday with a few stalls now and again that do trinkets and second-hand clothes. I’ll have to take photos and post them some time.

  5. Hi all, I know this threat is old but does the market still exists? And do you have to register if you would like to sell something?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Carolin! The market still exists and is even bigger than before. To sell, you don’t have to register until you get there; there will be ladies passing out registration slips which last time I was there cost about $30 pesos. However, since most of the sellers are there every week, most of them already have “their spot” and are pretty territorial haha

      Customers don’t need any registration. Just show up 😉

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