Only in Mexico

The president of my company sends out a daily e-mail with a Bible verse and Catholic lesson… and a prayer to “La Virgen”.

Why do I get the feeling that in the United States, this would result in a company-wide lawsuit?

Sometimes I’m not sure which country is weirder.

15 thoughts on “Only in Mexico

  1. I think its weird in both countries. On the one hand, the US is way to politically correct… who cares if someone sends out a religious bulletin? I mean, you can either bin it or read it.

    On the other, I hate how there are seemingly no equal opportunity employment acts here… have you seen all the ads asking for ‘attractive under 30 female’ for office jobs? Ridiculous.

  2. Oh yea, that wouldn’t fly. The other day my coworker told me if I wanted a baby I could come over to her house and pray about it. I was like “or I could just stop taking the pill?”

  3. I was surprised when I started my job at the hospital [in 2010], they say a prayer over the speaker system every morning and mass is offered for anyone each afternoon. I suppose it’s because we’re a private, non profit hospital?

  4. Well, I love it. It unites the Country, the organization, and the people together. It does not create this separation as in the US- it gives something everyone can relate to. During the colony days in young America, it was like that too. Christianity dominated the entire Country’s philosophy, as it does today, but at a more background level, so they say.

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