Our Backyard Makeover: Before and After

So waaaay back in August I told ya’ll that we were going to redo the backyard, which we did! I hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures of it until this weekend, mainly because I am stuck in the office during daylight hours. But now I finally have the “After” shots!

Here’s the “before”:

And here are the “afters”…

Unfortunately, the grass was damaged by the recent “Backyard Pool” incident. Then again, it wasn’t growing in well to begin with! If anyone has advice on growing grass, I’m all ears.

We’d also like to paint the walls white, and eventually remove the potted tree and potted bush. We’re still thinking that one over, though… we really hate that tree, but it does provide good shade. We’d replace the tree with my new orchid tree. After my last post on it, a reader (Thanks, Pauline!) identified it as an orchid tree, not a plant, which is very exciting! No shade from that baby for a few more years, though. 🙁

The total cost for this makeover, including palm plants, grass, dirt and patio, was somewhere around $300 US. Not bad, eh?

18 thoughts on “Our Backyard Makeover: Before and After

  1. If your backyard is sunny, then make sure that you choose grass that’s for sun all day. Also, if you’re doing seed, then you have to water everyday until you see it takes root. But be careful not to drench because you want the seeds to sat put and ot float away. Onceyou see grass start to come up, about couple of weeks, then you got to watering every couple of days. Being in Cancun, you probably will have to water at least twice a week for about 10 minutes to keep it fresh and not dry up.

  2. Looks fabulous!! I think white walls will look great. You can sit out the back and have a cold beer and enjoy the weather. Lovely.

    When I have a garden, I am going to paint the walls bright blue like Frida Kahlos house 🙂

  3. Very nice! I think painting the walls would be a great touch. As far as grass goes, if you saw my backyard right now, you would clearly know that I am no grass expert. lol Grass never ceases to amaze me. It can grow no problem in my flower beds but can’t seem to get a grip in the yard where it’s actually supposed to be.

  4. Nice! Those tiles were the best investment! The backyard looks great. And all for $300- not bad.

    As for grass, I don’t know the soil condition other than say fertilize more; maybe throw in more of those palm plants, even potted plants like flowers, statues or small fountain? Just alternate options?

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