My First Alux Encounter

When I first moved to Mexico, I was fascinated by all the stories about run-ins with ghosts, hauntings and mythical creatures. Being the skeptical American that I am, I brushed it off as a cultural difference for several years.

But now… I’m starting to realize that Mexico is just filled with some crazy, crazy stuff.

Long-time readers may remember the stories about the mythical Yucatan alux (pronounced “ah-LOOSH”) that friends and family had told me. The stories made me start to think, “Maybe there’s some truth to this.”

And then on New Years Eve, I’m pretty sure I saw one.

Jorge and I were riding in a 15-person van from Cancun to Chabihau for his cousin’s wedding. During the 4-hour drive along the highway, we pass through mostly jungle with a few small villages along the way.

Around 7 pm, it was already dark. We were just leaving one small Yucatan village and entering the jungle again, going slowly because of the village’s speedbumps. Up near the driver, I saw the head of a black figure standing right by the van, in the middle of the road. From the height, the shape of the head and the way it moved, I immediately thought it was a child, except it was … blacker than black? As in I couldn’t even make out features or anything, just an outline filled in with entirely black. I was unsettled and wasn’t sure why.

As we passed the thing, I turned back and saw that the figure was actually hunched over and huge. It was shaped more like a dog than a child, but at the same time the street dogs in the Yucatan aren’t giant or black (at least none that I’ve seen!) Plus… dogs just don’t move like that.

I later told Jorge and his family that I’d seen an alux, and they didn’t seem the least bit surprised.

15 thoughts on “My First Alux Encounter

    • It did creep me out a bit, but aluxes won’t harm you. They’re mischievous pranksters, that’s all 🙂

      Now that I think about it, the van did break down 3 times after I saw it… hmm…

  1. Interesting! I saw a ghost once in Maine, but never an alux! I have been with my husband for 12 years, and every once in a while, he throws out something so completely Yucatecan and random….he randomly told me a couple of weeks ago that his father was negligent in caring for his milpa years ago and therefore managed to kill the aluxes they kept on the property.

  2. Ah! Creepy! I am a skeptic, but my sister 100% believes in energy and ghosts and spirits. She got me hooked on the TV show “Celebrity Ghost Story”- Sammy Hagar told a Mexico-based ghost story on the show, actually. He was probably just drunk on his own tequila, though…

  3. Hi my name is Luis. About to leave Conzumel today(Sept 6, 2015) with my girlfriend Lizz. I had no idea about these Alux before we had our experience. Yesterday we visited the San GervasiI temples around 3:00pm. Apparently around this time there is not much poeple visiting as so it seemed. I refused the guide because I thought they would take too much time explaining things so we went in on our own. Going down one of the rocky paths us two alone, a rock was thrown at us from the woods. Definitely intentionally. Lizz ran ahead scared, and I stopped and tried see what is was. Nothing but woods and brush. Much to thick to see through. So we went ahead alone and partly finished seeing everything. Definetly felt like we weren’t alone. We told our taxi guy what happened and he was amazed! As as so is everyone else! He explained these Alux to us and we were in shock. I’m still amazed and can’t stop thinking about it! Anyway thanks for your time!

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