A Walk Along Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen

The past month has been one of my favorites since I moved to Mexico over 6 years ago. For three weekends in a row, we found great excuses to make the 1-hour drive from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. First we went to the Taste of Playa Food Festival, then the next weekend to the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, then last weekend just to hang out! Because who doesn’t want to wake up to this…

The most famous area of Playa del Carmen is Fifth Avenue (or “La Quinta”, as the locals call it), a pedestrian street that runs parallel to the beach. All along this avenue, you’ll find charming hotels, tons of restaurants, boutique shops, local artisanry, beautiful cafes and chic nightclubs right on the beach.

Coco Maya Beach and Night Club

A predominantly European destination, Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue is ideal for people-watching. You’ll see everything from luxury travelers to backpackers all on one unique street.

My personal favorite part of Fifth Avenue is a small off-street called “Calle Corazon” (Heart Street). Calle Corazon is filled with twinkle lights, cafes and art galleries, and I lose myself in its magical atmosphere every time I walk by.

Calle Corazon


From Fifth Avenue, it’s just a one-block stroll down to the stunning Caribbean beach, where travelers can indulge in enticing meals right on the sand at oceanfront palapa restaurants. But to be honest, sometimes we don’t even make it to the beach! Our favorite thing to do is to simply walk up and down Fifth Avenue and talk about how much we want to move to Playa del Carmen.

"Jellyfish Lanterns"

What’s your favorite travel destination?

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18 thoughts on “A Walk Along Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen

    • It depends on what kind of vacation you’re looking for. If you want All Inclusive, the bright turquoise waters, Spring Break partying or shopping, I’d recommend Cancun.

      Playa del Carmen is more for exploring, eating and relaxing.

      Personally I prefer Playa del Carmen because it’s much better for walking around, but Cancun definitely has a lot to offer as well.

      • Well for a family vacation Playa sounds better I think, and I’m dieting too so no all inclusive for me jaja I have been to Playa a couple of times but only for a couple of hours cause I would be on a cruise ship docked in Cozumel and would take the ferry over and just walk around and eat and back to Cozumel.

  1. It looks amazing! I love finding places where you can just walk around and be happy. I love exploring new shops and restaurants, and that sounds like the perfect place to do that. My favorite travel destination is definitely Disney World, but that’s not exactly a weekend getaway type of thing 🙁

      • I live in Florida and go to Orlando alot and can help you, I know where to go and stay near Disney on a budget ($25-$35). Flights to Orlando from Cancun are cheap also, Spirit Airlines.

  2. I don’t think I even need to say it 😉 Isla Mujeres, with Akumal a close 2nd. I would like to spend some time in Playa del Carmen though. My MIL was telling me about an awesome tequila shop there.

  3. You are really making me want to go to Playa de Carmen someday. Those jellyfish lights look amazing as does the magical atmosphere of Fifth Avenue.

  4. You know my fav place is Cancun. I love spending time in Playa and the surrounding area and taking the boat to Isla. If only it were possible for me to live there!!

  5. Argh! Every time I see you do another post on Playa del Carmen, it makes me wish I had just stuck to my guns and met you there when I had the chance. I really missed out; it looks so amazing!

  6. Playa is a fantastic destination. We are going for visit number six with many more annual visits to come. Great food, great people, and a great home base to visit all that the Riviera Maya has to offer. Fifth Ave is a fun place to stroll, but you must wander off it to find some real hidden gems as far as food and watering holes go. Viva la Mexico !

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