Honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro: Botanical Garden

Moving on with the Rio de Janeiro posts (it’s been awhile)…

On the third morning of our trip, Jorge and I spent about an hour trying to figure out which was the correct bus to get to the Botanical Garden. After getting several different answers from several different people while trying to find out which one-way street was correct, we were finally on our way!

We passed through Ipanema and the uber-fabulous neighborhood of Leblon. I knew we’d arrived at the Botanical Garden when I saw several lines of the tallest palm trees I’ve ever seen just off to my left. (Palm trees don’t get that tall here in Cancun, aka Hurrican Territory!)

Here are the pictures! It only cost a few dollars per person, and it was a great way to spend a few hours:

12 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro: Botanical Garden

  1. Oh my god, those ARE huge palm trees! I’ve only seen the 10-15 ft. ones in Florida- those look like they’re about 50 feet tall! All your photos are gorgeous!

  2. I love that garden. That’s actually where we went to celebrate when my husband got his fiance visa to emigrate to the US. We have good memories there.
    It’s definitely a must-to place to visit in Rio.

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