My Mexican Thanksgiving

As I was going through some pictures yesterday, I realized I hadn’t told you about my Thanksgiving!

Back in the US, my family does Thanksgiving just like everyone else’s family… turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and lots of desserts! When I was in college in Cancun, I never had any fall breaks. Now that I’m working, I only get back home for Christmas. So I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving since 2005, I think. (or seen any fall weather, for that matter!)

This year, my suegros took pity on me and prepared a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. They invited some of their friends, and I invited some of mine. We had a pretty big group (not all are pictured), including an American priest from the church my suegros go to.

There was turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and lots of veggies! Everyone seemed to really enjoy all the American food. I was almost expecting them to break out the tortillas, but they resisted.

Thanksgiving dinner still had some undeniably Mexican touches to it, though… dinner didn’t begin until 10:30 pm, the turkey was heavily seasoned with lime, the dinner was blessed by a Catholic priest, and the priest had to explain the Thanskgiving story several times to our Mexican guests. Close enough!

Me being a dork

Oh mashed potatoes… it’s been too long since we last met!

14 thoughts on “My Mexican Thanksgiving

  1. 10:30 pm .. holy crap .. then go to bed on such a FULL tummy! Well, glad you had a sort of American Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. They didn’t stuff it with picadillo, then apple & pineapple? Turkey w/o ground meat stuffing? Que norteamericana! My last food post was about making turkey “Isla Mujeres” syle…it’s complicated (and tasty)…like most of the local food! Cooking traditional (North) American food just got easier in Isla Mujeres with the opening of the Chedraui…which has the forum buzzin. I enjoy your blog!

  3. I had to smile when I read this.I will be moving to Salamanca GTO next year and I plan on making Thanksgiving dinner for my husband who has already moved.He lived in the states for over twenty years and this is his second thanksgiving in Mexico since his return.He wanted to know everything I made, especially pumpkin pie! So he will be having Turkey Day in January!

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