Remember how Jorge was applying for his US tourist visa? This morning he went to the American Consulate in Merida for his interview and was APPROVED!

We had heard that the consulate was being more lenient recently in giving out tourist visas. They’re usually quite strict to make sure nobody wants to go on a tourist visa and stay in the country illegally, and Jorge had already been denied once before. (**Fun fact: The gentleman who approved him today was the same person who denied him the visa 2 years ago!**)

Jorge told me about his interview, and he thinks the following tipped the odds in his favor (judging from the interviewer’s questions and reactions):

  • He’s married to an American working in Mexico. I always thought this would make him look like more of a risk, but apparently the interviewer seemed pleased to see my FM2 card and our marriage license. Last time he applied and was denied, we were not yet married.
  • Our recent trip to Brazil. Jorge mentioned we’d recently gotten a Brazilian visa and traveled, and the interviewer checked our Brazil visas and passport stamps. I think it looks good that he has traveled out of the country recently and returned.
  • Jorge graduates university in January. He’s all done with classes, but he has to be in Cancun in January to officially graduate, meaning he can’t stay in the US right now.

He did mention that he was just going to visit my family for Christmas. We’d debated downplaying the fact that he had family of sorts in the US as it makes him more of a risk, but in the end honesty is the best policy, right?

I already bought our tickets to fly home for Christmas. I’ve been waiting 5 years for Jorge to see where I’m from and how amazing my mom’s cooking is. I hope he’ll be able to put up with me, my 2 sisters, mom, grandma and 4 girl cousins… he’ll be “bendito entre mujeres”, as they say in Mexico. Can’t wait!

Thanks again to all my readers and Facebook friends for being so kind and supportive of us. Any expat here with a Mexican spouse/partner/significant other knows just how important these visits are. All of our friends have been so excited for us. Thank you.

26 thoughts on “APPROVED!

  1. I have tears of joy that your greatest wish is coming true!! Yay for coming stateside for Christmas! I’d love to meet up with you if you have time while you are here.

  2. Congrats!! I knew he would pass with flying colors! I’m so glad he will be visiting the US. Now he only needs to see some snow at Christmas 🙂

  3. That totally ROCKS!!! Yay, great news!! EXcited her gets to spend time in with your family where you grew up!! Hopefully he will see snow sometime while you’re there too!

  4. My husband and I are moving from Panama to Playa in a few months so I latched onto your blog a couple of months ago. I love all the interesting info you give of your adopted country. Congrats on Jorge’s visa! That is great news! Look forward to hearing more!


  5. Congratulations. That’s really awesome. I know many mexicans and people in cross-cultural relationships who never get the chance to see the other country. Plus the wait will make it extra special. Have a wonderful time!! 🙂

  6. That is so exciting! I’m confused though…I didn’t know you had to apply for a visa for a short visit. Why can’t they just buy plane tickets like we do to go to Mexico…is this an extended visit?

    • In order to visit the US, Mexicans need to be approved for a tourist visa because the US is much more strict about letting people into the country than Mexico is. (Mainly to cut down on illegal immigration, like Raymundo states above) Once you get a tourist visa, it’s usually good for 10 years, so Jorge will now be able to travel back and forth freely between Mexico and the US.

      I had to get a tourist visa to visit Brazil, as well! It just depends on the relationships the countries have with eachother and how strict/lenient they are. Before traveling to any foreign country, you should check to see if they require you to get a visa in addition to your passport.

  7. What wonderful news! I’m sooo excited for you guys! And can’t wait for the tables to be flipped and I get to meet my hubby’s family! I can only imagine how excited you must be! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!! It’ll be completely worth it!!

  8. I found and have since followed your blog since researching my recent summer trip to Cancun. I really enjoy keeping up with the local happenings and your expat views!

    As a first generation Chicano I’m totally facinated by your current post. I remember my illegal immigrant mother experiencing sort-of the same thing. Since she was in the USA illegally she could not go back home to see parents, weddings, funerals and so on! For you guys, despite following the law and one being an expat, you’ve unwittingly experienced the same thing!

    Also on a similar note during our Cancun trip I was told repeatedly I was a “gringo,” no matter how strongly I felt otherwise!!

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