And a Very Merry Christmas to the American Consulate!

I’m traveling to my hometown of Richmond, Virginia this Christmas to see family, and I’m so excited about it! I haven’t seen my family since last December, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing them. While I love my life here in Cancun, it can get very hard being away from family (and with “family”, I include my mom’s cooking) for so long. I also haven’t been to Richmond in I think 3 or 4 years, and I really miss the city sometimes.

I’ve always dreamed of taking Jorge with me to Richmond and showing him around everything I grew up with (plus the man needs to try my mom’s cooking, obvs). When my parents were living in Charlotte a few years ago, he applied for a US tourist visa and was denied.

This year, a Mexican friend of ours (hey, Tomas!) who had already been denied a visa twice was able to get his. This gave us a new-found hope, and we’re going to try again for the tourist visa.

Jorge and I spent over an hour last night filling out his online application form (I may or may not have fallen asleep near the end, sorry Jorge) and today he’s going to pay for and make his appointment.

With all the illegal immigration into the US, I understand why the US government has to be so careful about who they let in. I just wish there was some way I could prove that all I want is a family Christmas with my husband… not to bring nuclear weapons into the country, evade taxes or participate in human trafficking. (They ask a surprising number of  questions on the application to make sure this is not the case.)

So anyway, keep us in your prayers and thoughts over the next few days as we try to sort this all out. My sister has already written a letter to Santa Claus.

19 thoughts on “And a Very Merry Christmas to the American Consulate!

  1. Good luck, Laura and Jorge! My hubby visited Canada with me three times before the visa requirement for Mexicans traveling to Canada was imposed. It was really important for me for him to see where I’m from and meet my friends and extended family. Hope the US consulate makes your Christmas wishes come true. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I really really really hope you get your wish, and if there is anything I can do on this end, being so close to Richmond, let me know. I’ll pray and cross my fingers for you!!

      • We’re not sure if that makes things easier or harder. I know if a Mexican has family in the US, they’re less likely to give them a visa because they’re more of a “flight risk”. Not sure how it works if you’re married to an American. I guess we’ll see!

  3. It’s not fair that when you try to do it the right way you get penalized. 🙁 I’ll be thinking about you guys and hopefully you’ll get the entire family there for the holidays!

  4. Good luck .. hope it works this time. I think that being married might make it happen. Wouldn’t it be great if your family lived here in Michigan .. with Windsor right across the river! You could have a family Christmas!

  5. Ok, I understand the whole illegal immigrant thing, but it still doesn’t justify turning down someone’s application for a tourist visa- seriously! With the economy the way it is, we should be welcoming any and every tourist that applies! And being your husband, he should definitely be approved. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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