Where I´m At…

Well here we are, safe and sound back in lovely Cancun, Mexico after a fabulous, worry free honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro!


That´s what I would be saying in an alternative universe where Jorge and I didnt miss our flight!

I wont tell the long story because… well… lets not go there.

Short version: We slept in this morning and missed our flight. Unless we can squeeze into an already full flight leaving tomorrow morning on the waiting list, we might have to pay a very large amount of money to fly back home. (Also, its difficult to communicate with anybody when its 9 am and youre in a time zone 4 hours ahead of the people who can help you.)

Luckily the apartment we were renting is still available tonight, so we came back to Copacabana and just woke up from a nice, long nap! We´re by the beach and the weather is amazing, but we just dont feel like doing anything after the morning we had.

This will hopefully be the last time you ever hear me complain about an extended vacation. Boo.

On a more pleasant note, up until this point it has been one of the best weeks of my life! Cant wait to tell you all about it when Im on the right continent.

Peace out

14 thoughts on “Where I´m At…

  1. it hard to feel bad for you, i’ll be honest – but i hope you make it home safe and sound (and on the cheap)… I can’t imagine what the long story is – tell us at some point, I hope?

    • Haha if we make it on a flight tomorrow, life isnt so bad! We are mostly worried about the possibility of paying thousands of dollars to get back! Still, we got to stroll along the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema again today, so not all is lost.

      We shall see about the long version… it still makes me cry a little at this point hahaha

  2. Oh my gosh- I don’t know whether to feel bad for you or congratulate you for having some more time over there! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it and see photos galore!

  3. First the visa confusion and now a missed flight, ugh! I hope you’re able to get it all figured out without having to pay a whole lot extra. I definitely can’t wait to read about all the good parts of the trip. Safe travels!!

  4. Man, that really stinks!!! Especially if ya’ll have to pay a fortune to make it back home. I haven’t read your update yet so I hope we will be hearing from you again soon with better news! lol

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