Lamest. Hurricane. Ever.

We spent yesterday hanging out with Juan and Viri since I got the day off of work for Hurricane Rina, and she sure was taking her time in getting to Cancun. We went to the mall and had lunch at Pescaditos on Yaxchilan Avenue.

God bless you, Pescaditos.

Then we all went home to prepare for the big hurricane. Since Jorge and I had stashed our outdoor stuff inside already, all that was left was to cuddle up and watch the new episode of X Factor. There was tons of lightning and thunder that caused lots of growling from my dogs (apparently Dolly has learned to meow??) and that’s about it. Our power didn’t go out all night, and neither did our Sky dish service.

I woke up this morning to the sun shining and the birds singing… not a single fallen branch in my neighborhood.

The weather was so nice that I got called back into work today. Fabulous.

Image from Cancun’s Best

9 thoughts on “Lamest. Hurricane. Ever.

  1. #1: I’m glad she was nothing. All that rebuilding stresses me out. πŸ˜‰
    #2: Dolly meowing is probably the biggest highlight of the post. So funny!!
    #3: Snuggling with your hubby is gooooooooood. Too bad for us, it usually involves a child between us. LOL.

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