13 thoughts on “Hurricane Rina Heads Toward Cancun's Hotel Zone: Photos

    • No worries, they’re not my photos 🙂 They’re from a friend in the Hotel Zone. At any rate, these are just some of the outer clouds from the hurricane. Not expecting actual hurricane-like weather until tomorrow.

  1. I remember being on the beach B4 Wilma hit. What a sight .. such strong winds and the waves .. I love a storm, but not a hurricane!

  2. Wow, they don’t look so bad off the phone. This up and down weather is nuts…sunny and hot one sec…back to downpour and wind the next and then back again. A part of me feels this is gonna be much like the storm two weeks ago.

  3. That’s it, huh? Anti-climactic. It’s funny- when we brace ourselves for these natural catastrophes and they don’t happen, we feel cheated and disappointed. I’m sure if we were on the end that Bangkok is facing right now (flooding started around the same time as your hurricane), we’d all feel differently. But I get to feeling the same to. We want the adventure.

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