My New Orchid

I was excited to walk out the door this morning to see that my new orchid plant finally has its first bloom! I’ve always been a bit of a “black thumb”, so it’s nice to know I didn’t screw this plant up.

We put it in the planter in our front patio because that spot gets some sun during the day.

Would anyone judge me if I said I really want a pair of heels in this print?

The leaves might be my favorite part! We’ve discovered that they open during the day (as you see in the photos) and fold perfectly in half when it gets dark. Very cool.

The leaves are a little lighter than they should be, which has me worried. Maybe if I lift it up a bit with some string so the sun hits it better?

In this shot, you can see that the plant has tons of buds on it... can't wait to see what it looks like in a few days!

We got it from a local plant shop that some guy runs out of his house (gotta love Mexico!). He had several huge versions of this plant in his front yard, and I fell in love!

If anyone can help me identify this plant, I’d really appreciate it! Right now, the only descriptive words I have are “orchid” and “pretty”.

16 thoughts on “My New Orchid

  1. LOL at your descriptive words. I have no idea what it is… we don’t see many pretty plants like that in MN – no where near tropical enough, duh.
    very beautiful though!

  2. I wouldn’t be able to tell you the name of the planet either sorry but, wow, it’s sooo pretty. 🙂

    My nan and mother were big gardeners and always use string to tie things up to face the sun properly so give that a try.

  3. Beautiful tree!! i discovered one growing on my patio when i moved in. The apartment complex had cut it to a stump but i watered it anyway. in a year, it was about 2 feet tall. i really hope someone discovered the name because i loved it. I moved and i hope they didnt cut it again… that would be sad. ive been looking for the name of this plant for 2 years! please help!

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