My Three Day Weekend

So my 3-day weekend for Mexican Independence Day was busy, busy, busy! I’ll do a quick run-through for ya 🙂


To celebrate Independence Day, we played it simple this year… tacos and potatoes at a friend’s pool. Just a calm evening sitting around and talking while listening to fireworks in the distance. Ended the night around 5 am, I think.

We really need to hang out with this group of friends more often. They’re friends of Jorge from high school, and we always have a great time with them.


Also a low-key day. We ordered the plants we want for the backyard, then went to Jorge’s cousin’s 3rd birthday party where we had tortas and raspados. Then we went home and took a long nap!

In the evening, we went to my suegros house for some pasta from Cheester.

Me and Jorge at Sofia's bday party


My brother-in-law scored a dozen free passes to Xcaret. Since Jorge’s cousins were in town visiting, we went with them for the day. I’ll do a more detailed post later this week, but here’s a teaser photo for ya…


On Sunday morning, we (and by “we”, I mean Jorge) planted some mini palm trees in our up-and-coming backyard, and laid some some dirt. I’ll post the full makeover later this week, so you can check out our little patio, palm trees, fancy grass and orchid (whaaaaat??)!

Here’s a preview shot of Jorge hard at work while I supervised (and by “supervised”, I mean ate cereal, took pictures, played with the dogs and decided where the palm trees should go).

I think we can all agree that Jorge is the best husband ever.

The grass and orchid plant came today, but won’t be installed until tomorrow. Boo.

Immediately afterwards, my suegros came and picked us up to go to the pool. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend’s parents (confusing, I know) own a piece of land out in the middle of the jungle where they’ve built a little private pool and garden, complete with hammock area and bathroom. We spent the rest of the afternoon there. I would have taken pictures, but I was too busy swimming, eating Domino’s pizza and napping in hammocks. Life is so hard sometimes.

Afterwards we did laundry at my suegros house, like we do every Sunday. Meanwhile, I caught up on reality TV online… Project Runway, new season of Survivor (hurray!) and America’s Next Top Model All Stars (go Allison and Laura!). Then Jorge and I went home and watched the first episode of Jersey Shore Italy. (Oh Mike, you scoundrel!)

So that’s it for my 3-day weekend. What did you do this weekend?


16 thoughts on “My Three Day Weekend

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun and the perfect combo of relaxation and activity. The garden looks like it is coming along too! We celebrated with the in-laws and spent some time lazing around our pool as well. A tame weekend compared to the last one when we flew with Fly Me Cancun..check out my blog 🙂

  2. I love that we both ended our weekend posts by asking what our reader did! such bloggers we are!
    Sounds like you had an amazing weekend too!!! You seriously look better and better each picture you post of yourself!! keep up whatever you’re doing!

  3. What a great weekend .. I want your life!! Can’t wait to see the finished backyard. Jorge is like my hubby .. they listen well. (that’s why we love them)

  4. envy, envy, envy!!

    Your weekend sounded great!! I work on Friday morning, clean my fridge (which is dying) go shopping and clean house. Saturday six cousins from LA came to our house, had dinner and went to Alejandro Fernandez concert yay!, came home around 11:30 opened the Don Julio bottle and drank tequila and talked until 1:30. My kids wake up us at 7 ay, ay, ay, served breakfast for everybody (10 people). My cousins left around 10:30 and then I cleaned house and prepared a pirate party for my kids and 4 other kiddos. Took a nap, cleaned house again and went to bed around midnight! uff I´m still tired!

  5. Wow…so jealous of your Sunday!! That private property sounds heavenly!!

    Overall we didn’t do much. Dinner and a friends house on Friday night. Saturday we worked at a wedding and Sunday we slept in a watched football most of the day.

    Have an awesome week!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    On Friday I was sick as a dog so I laid around and ordered tortas from Las Tortugas and then went to a birthday party with Bebé and Papi. I pretty much slumped in a chair the whole time and sang “Dale Dale Dale”.

    On Saturday Bebé and I went to Las de Guanatos (disguised as the beach because it’s on Playa Tortugas) with an amiga. LOVE those mango micheladas.

    On Sunday Bebé and Papi and I went to my most favorite place Plaza Las Americas to buy Papi a couple of shirts and a pair of tennies because that man never buys himself anything and he is unable to shop by himself.

    How is it that we haven’t met yet chica??

    Your blog is lovely! Cuidate!

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