Operation Chile Cat Part 2

Two weeks ago, Jorge began Operation Chile Cat to rid our front tree planter of cat poop. With just one night of chile powder set around the ledges of the planter, it seems we were partially successful. As it turns out, we had TWO neighborhood cats pooping in our planter, and now that number has been reduced to ONE.Β  *evil grin*

Saturday night we heard about 10 minutes of yowling from outside, and I just chalked it up to some “naughty business” going on with the neighborhood cats. Jorge looked out our front window to see 3 cats sitting outside our front gate, looking at our house and yowling. I think they’re on to us.

At the recommendation of my reader Johanna, we decided to kick it up a notch by using coffee grounds. Last night, Jorge poured chile powder and coffee grounds around the planter, then sprinkled some in the dirt.

Game on.

13 thoughts on “Operation Chile Cat Part 2

  1. And the war is on… I know that you and Jorge can snatch victory from the paws of the evil cats. Protect your territory. It is your home – be strong and courageous. To the victors belong the spoils. Gatazo…

  2. Victory is coming!! (I hope) You might try orange, lemon and/or lime peel. Citrus is said to turn cats away. Don’t know if it’s true. Good luck .. and the saga continues!

  3. I seem to recall being told that cats don’t like scratchy things beneath their paws and that’s why some people use coffee grounds. I’ve used crushed eggshells with success and they have the added bonus that they compost.

  4. You should try to put medium rocks in there. Leave little space and loose dirt for them to bury their “work”. Also, you could cover the planter with chicken wire and sprinkle it everyday to help plants to grow. ;D

  5. This actually made me laugh so much. Wargames going on here – The cats sound so evil just lining up out there. Do keep us updated on this. I’m loving it. πŸ˜€

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