Casitas Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Cancun

Last night I had an amazing opportunity to go to the Ritz Carlton Cancun to see their first baby turtle release of the year. Within the next few weeks you’ll see more about their turtle program, but for now I wanted to share other parts of my visit.

When I walked into the lobby, I was excited to see an old buddy from college at the reception desk! (Cancun is a very small city.) So while I waited for my hostess, Eduardo (“Lalo”) and I got to catch up on old times. Paulina Feltrin, the hotel’s PR Director, came to greet me and gave me a tour of this immense hotel. It was amazing! Luxury restaurants, beautiful artwork, gorgeous facilities… *sigh* Everywhere we went, we were welcomed by smiling and attentive staff.

What really caught my eye was their culinary center. They offer cooking classes with Chef Rory Dunaway in this amazing kitchen:

I know, right?

As of now my cooking skills are limited to sandwiches,  spaghetti and some pretty great guacamole, but if my kitchen looked a bit more like this… I’d make cooking a priority! (Then I’d invite all of you guys over for fabulous brunches.)

After the turtle release (more on that later, I promise!), Paulina and I had an incredible dinner at their beach restaurant, Casitas. It was a truly beautiful setting in a private cabana overlooking the Caribbean. I got to practice my nighttime photography, which you guys know I’m still trying to master… so you know, apologies in advance for all blurriness.

Casitas Restaurant

Our private cabana

We started the meal with their seafood platter: shrimp, Alaskan king crab (my new favorite), lobster, oysters, tuna tartar and a variety of amazing dips.

**Word to the wise: You’re supposed to swallow oysters whole, not chew them. Learned this the hard way.

For the main course, I ordered the Petit Filet Mignon, which came with a selection of salts as well as chimichurri and bearnais sauce. Anyone who has had a meal with me knows that I tried them all! I also asked for a side of mashed potatoes with grated cheddar, which reminded me of my mom’s Twice Baked Potatoes. The entire main course was to die for, but unfortunately I was too busy enjoying it to take pictures. (shameful behavior for a blogger)

I did make up for it by taking pictures of dessert: a sampler of all their dessert options!

From left to right: chocolate with brownie, Key Lime Pie (best I've ever had!), orange and mandarin pannacotta, tiramisu, upside down pineapple cake, and cheesecake with raspberry cream

Paulina and I talked in Spanglish about culture, family, tourism and food throughout dinner, and completely lost track of time! It was 10:30 before I left to go home. By the time I walked out the door, I had fallen in love with their beach, the hotel, their community programs and Casitas restaurant.

Thanks so much to Paulina Feltrin and the Ritz Carlton Cancun for their incredible hospitality.

16 thoughts on “Casitas Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Cancun

  1. great post !! just realized I’ve never written to you, but wanted you to know i totally enjoy everything you write……great sense of humor and just all around so much fun to read !

    And, since the turtles are my absolute favorite, I will be waiting to hear more from you…….we go to Cancun every October and seeing the turtles and last year being able to be involved in the release…..was AWESOME

    Thanks for great reading !

  2. Wow – that sounds like a truly amazing opportunity! and it looks like an amazing place as well – thanks for sharing all the details, can’t wait to hear about the rest!!

  3. Well, now I know where I want to stay when I come to Cancun! LOL. It’s gorgeous, and I love that kitchen too. Those desserts are WOW.

    Your night photography? Is looking fabulous. I love the shot of the cabanas you got, and the table is gorgeous.

  4. I love to cook and would be in heaven to have a kitchen that looks that wonderful. I understand the Ritz doesn’t allow tourists to venture in if you aren’t a guest there. Would love to check out the place and perhaps have dinner. Sounds like a great time.

  5. Oh wow- I would kill for that kitchen! And that restaurant looks amazing? Those lit-up tables are so beautiful- are the tables themselves actually lit up or is it the reflection of some sort of light fixture? I want those desserts!!!!

  6. I feel like you’re one very lucky gal for always getting to experience these awesome resort beaches and hotels! Is that how many Cancunians live? Wow. As for turtles– hooray! I never really thought of them much but recently went to a turtle farm in Bali which holds baby turtles until their release. They’re so cute. Can’t wait to hear your experience.

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