My Cancun Mailbox

Growing up in the suburbs of Virginia, I remember every house had its own mailbox set right on the street, next to the driveway. Each mailbox had a little red flag that you would put up to alert the mailman/lady that you had put something in there to mail. The mailman/lady drove by every day in a cute little van and placed our letters, bills and catalogues neatly inside the mailbox, where it was safely tucked away from the elements.

Here in Cancun? Not so much. Even when mail does reach our house (which can take months), there is nothing resembling a mailbox to put the mail in. So… we cancunenses have to be more resourceful. Every house here has a front gate or, at the very least, bars on the windows or front door. Since these bars are decorative, there’s always a place for mail.

Here’s an American Express card advertisement found in my “mailbox” this morning:

I could buy little black boxes that say “correo” to hang up outside the house, but I get a feeling the postman would ignore it anyway. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “My Cancun Mailbox

  1. that is true about mail but I send everything by UPS now. it is just before cumbres superama …a bit pricey but they get stuff in one day overnite mostly…
    also weird is they have no cancun phone book..makes starting businesses interesting hee hee..but I love it here…..

  2. Receiving mail in Mexico is always a chore though I am often surprised by how quickly it gets here from Canada–about 15 days. In my building we have a black locked box but most of our mail gets popped under my door as it is delivered by hand to our maintenance guy (when he shows up to work). But sometimes we still have to hunt around the lobby for any envelopes that might be addressed to us.

  3. lol – that’s awesome!
    Our new house has a mailbox on the house (and the mailman walks house to house)… and there is no flag… there have been many days I’ve put mail in and used a clothespin to indicate mail being in there… and it’s still there when i get home. I want my little red flag back!

  4. You’ve got quite the interesting mailbox there. I’m amazed at the amount of trust Mexicans have. Here, it would be a worry that someone would steal the mail if it were left in the gate like that.

  5. Don’t worry I’ll be be going down there soon. I’ll get things on the right track. I’ve been a mailman for 11 years. But my heart says go south young man. So put up your mailbox.

  6. Well I would suggest buying a mail box to see how then mail men’s reactions. You never know until you try it. You will be surprised on how you can educate thyem little by little. I know I did when I lived in Puerto Vallarta.

  7. Wow. In the UK we don’t have mail boxes either – just slots in our front doors. If the letter/parcel’s too big for the letterbox, the postman leaves a note saying there’s something waiting for us to pick up at our local post office. So funny that you didn’t even need to leave the house to mail something either.

  8. That is so weird.I am moving to Guanajuato in the Fall.My husband ,MIguel, is in Salamanca and he says that sometimes the mailman just throws the mail away if he dosent feel like delivering!! We just laugh-what else can you do?

  9. I have to ask, did you ever get my wedding invitation? (yes it’s been 2 years… but…) I sent a couple out of the country, and never heard back. It makes sense that it was lost!

  10. I find it a bit disturbing — it could rain, someone could steal your mail (if you had something really important), the wind could blow it out… Have you ever had missing mail?

    WEll,,, I guess you really wouldn’t know, would you.

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